Does reformat paragraph not work in UE v2022.0.0.102? (fixed)

Does reformat paragraph not work in UE v2022.0.0.102? (fixed)


    May 16, 2022#1

    There seems to be a bug in UltraEdit Text/Hex Editor (x64) Version So I upgraded to 64-bit UltraEdit 2022.0.0.102.
    Reformat now doesn't work at all for a largish file, e.g. 500 lines with right margin set to 999, and only 20 chars on each line.

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      May 17, 2022#2

      I cannot reproduce an issue with UltraEdit for Windows v2022.0.0.102 on using the command Reformat Paragraph.

      I created quickly a file, see the file Reformat_Paragraph_input.txt in the attached ZIP file. Next I clicked on ribbon tab Format in group Paragraph on command Setup to open the Reformatting Options window. Hanging ident was not checked, Use paragraph left margin was selected with Right margin (after # column) configured to 999 and Alignment was set to Left. I clicked on button Reformat and the last paragraph was reformatted as expected. The caret was at end of the file on opening Reformatting Options window. I set text cursor anywhere in the middle of second paragraph and clicked on ribbon tab on command Reformat and the second paragraph was reformatted too. I pressed Ctrl+Home to move caret to top (= beginning of first paragraph) and clicked once again on command Reformat and the first paragraph was reformatted also as expected. See the file Reformat_Paragraph_output.txt in the attached ZIP file.

      Conclusion: The command works.

      Please describe more detailed how the command Reformat Paragraph is used by you on which data in which text file (line ending type, character encoding). (1.39 KiB)   1
      A Zip file with input and output text files of reformat paragraph validation.

        Reformat paragraph not working with multiple large paragraphs selected

        May 17, 2022#3

        I played around more with the command Reformat Paragraph and could indeed find an issue which I have just reported by email to UltraEdit as follows:

        I detected an issue with command Reformat paragraph which does not work anymore since UltraEdit for Windows v28.20.0.12 and UEStudio v21.10.0.20 according to my tests.

        Reformat paragraph is not working with multiple large paragraphs selected. The file change indicator on file tab indicates a modification of the file but there is nothing modified at all.

        Please do the following steps to reproduce this issue:
        1. Extract the files in attached RAR archive file Reformat_Paragraph.rar.
        2. Start UltraEdit with default configuration.
        3. Open the text file Reformat_Paragraph_input.txt.
        4. Press Ctrl+A to select all three large paragraphs.
        5. Click on ribbon tab Format in group Paragraph on command Reformat.
        There is no file contents modification although there is indicated a modification on the file tab of the file.

        A single paragraph can be reformatted by placing the caret at beginning, somewhere in the middle, or at end of a paragraph and clicking on command Reformat. The file on doing this is Reformat_Paragraph_output.txt.

        The issue does not occur with UE v28.10.0.154 and UES v21.00.0.90 and former versions. I executed the same five steps on these versions and some even older versions of UE and UES and they all reformatted the paragraphs as expected according to the currently set Reformatting Options.

        Please let me know if that is the issue encountered by you too.
        Reformat_Paragraph.rar (344 Bytes)   2
        RAR archive file with sample input file and expected output file.
        Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


          Limit on length of line to Reformat Paragraph?

          Jun 06, 2022#4

          Allow me to explain the subject line.

          In the course of daily study, I often export lecture/meetings into a video/subtitle folder. No problem with that as I end up with two files, one is the original .mp4 (or sometimes .mp3) and the other file is a .srt - a plain text file.
          1. With one of my laptops (Windows 10 Professional), I end up with a .srt file, for example "The lecture on" which has approximately 83,700 characters as a three line file. The first line is a timestamp, something like 00:00:01 - 02:15:01. The second line contains a "monster long" single line of text with all the talking, audio, subtitle, closed captions. Line 3 is blank.
          2. Another of my laptops (Windows 11 Professional), using the same download/export, I end up with the same two files, but the .srt text file is neatly broken up into timestamps with line breaks. So instead of three lines, I will have something like 2,100 lines and timestamps above each line of talking, subtitles, closed captions, etc. and each line has less than 80 characters/columns. So no need to reformat.
          Now, ordinarily, none of this is a problem as I would simply use "Reformat Paragraph" to wrap the text when using first machine (Windows 10 Professional) and expected to see all of the captured and saved text split up into neat looking lines with columns 1 to 80 (or close to it).

          Instead absolutely nothing happened/happens. The 83,700 characters long line does not disappear and the file remains visibly intact without any change.

          So, I end up opening the .srt file on first machine (Windows 10 Professional) in either WordPad or MS Word and lo-and-behold, both present the "monster 83,700 characters long single line" neatly broken up into lines, each line being about 80 characters long. I can then use Save As and work on this file, but would prefer not the "need" to use WordPad or MS Word.

          Why is UE not doing same when I "Select All" and "Reformat Paragraph"?

          Version on both machines is 2022.0.0.102 64-bit

          EDIT: I see this has already been reported - will wait for next release / bug fix.

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            Aug 12, 2022#5

            The reformat paragraph issue reported by me to UltraEdit support by email is fixed with UltraEdit for Windows v2022.1.0.90 and UEStudio v2022.1.0.90.
            Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria