duplicate folders?

duplicate folders?


    13:00 - May 22#1

    I have + 20.000 subfolders in a directory.
    Most of them are duplicated, i.e I have two folders named 13216.
    I want to find and delete the duplicates.
    Something that Filefinder can do?

    Best regards

    Edvard Korsbæk

    Grand MasterGrand Master

      17:10 - May 22#2

      UltraFinder is capable finding duplicate files as described by the power tip Find duplicates with UltraFinder as also UltraCompare.

      Now it is a matter of your definition for a duplicate folder. Is a folder duplicate just because of two folders have the same folder name independent on which files and subfolders both folders contain?

      It is perhaps better to find (and delete) duplicate files and finally delete all folders being now empty.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria