Elixir Word File

Elixir Word File


    15:24 - Feb 14#1

    I am looking to add the Elixir language to my UltraEdit instance.  Has anyone seen an Elixir word file available?  I have been searching for a bit now to include the https://github.com/IDMComputerSolutions/wordfiles without luck.

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      17:56 - Feb 14#2

      There is not public published an UltraEdit syntax highlighting wordfile for language Elixir on the wordfiles download page or the GitHub repository of UltraEdit, Inc. or available on any other web site according to my www searches.

      You can wait for a forum member visiting this forum regularly who has written a wordfile for Elixir for own usage and decides now to publish it public somehow or share it with you. But I can tell your after years of moderating the UltraEdit forums that such a wordfile request like yours resulted never in a wordfile getting suddenly available due to a question posted in this forum.

      I suggest to begin writing the wordfile by yourself and I will help you to get it as good as possible for your needs. The UltraEdit help page Syntax Highlighting should be read once to get knowledge about the definitions in a wordfile. There are the two sticky topics The ultimate syntax highlighting tools and Template for syntax highlighting language wordfile with further useful information for creation of a wordfile.

      What else is needed?
      • Time to create the wordfile. Sometimes a wordfile can be written in one or two hours and sometimes it takes more than 20 hours. That depends on the complexity of the language to get highlighted and how good is the documentation of the language.
      • A very good knowledge about the syntax of the language to highlight which means here about syntax of language Elixir. Best would be having an online documentation of the language which can be referenced with a link so we can read also about the syntax of language Elixir making it easier to help you.
      • A documentation of Elixir containing a list of known words which should be added to the wordfiles separated into several color groups. In my experience most languages have such a documentation with lists of known language keywords, functions, and other predefined language symbols respectively words.
      • An idea about the strings to show in the Function List and in which form (flat list, in groups, or a hierarchical list in a tree form).
      • A list of features offered by UltraEdit for syntax highlighted files which should be supported for files with language Elixir like code folding, automatic indent/unindent, brace matching/highlighting, etc.
      • The will to read documentations to get knowledge about the definitions in a wordfile and the courage for asking for help on running into a problem.
      • One or even better more files containing the language to highlight to be able to test everything defined in the wordfile like line and block comments, function strings, code folding, indent/unindent, etc. and last but not least the words to highlight.
      A hint: Most people starting writing a syntax highlighting wordfile try to get displayed  everything in the syntax highlighting wordfile with a color group other than normal text. That is a wrong approach from the beginning. Syntax highlighting should be designed always to get highlighted language keywords, predefined functions/macros/parameters/symbols, operators, brackets, other non-alphanumeric characters with special meaning in highlighted language, but not the functions, parameters, variables written by the author of a file. In other words syntax highlighted by the wordfile should be everything which can be read in the documentation about the language and normal text is for everything invented by the author of the file while writing it.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


        18:35 - Feb 14#3


          Thank you for the quick and VERY comprehensive reply!

          Time availability is of course the challenge in most of these tasks, but I will start into the suggested reading.  I do value UltraEdit, so worth the new skill set to write word files.

          Elixir on the other hand has a bit of a learning curve frankly, lots of interesting syntax, so a fine challenge to comprehend to the extent needed for a complete and accurate word file.  I shall ponder.

          I appreciate the offer of assistance!