Enhancement: Let me put a hyperlink into the project file tree

Enhancement: Let me put a hyperlink into the project file tree


    Aug 24, 2016#1

    UEStudio is the hub for my development but there is a piece missing. I work with a standards organization and would like to be able to click something in my project file tree to open up a webpage in my browser.

    To be specific

    Click a file to open a text file. I already do this.
    Click a link to launch my browser (Firefox) to a particular page.
    Click another link to launch my PDF viewer to open a specification file.

    In other words, I would like to be able to launch an external program and point that program to some target.

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      Aug 24, 2016#2

      This is already possible on Explorer tab of Workspace Manager respectively File explorer window by right clicking on a *.pdf or *.url file and clicking in context menu on item Open with default. But this is currently not possible on Project or Lists tab of Workspace Manager respectively in Project or File lists view. I suppose, the reason is that UltraEdit, Inc. thinks those lists contain only files being edited in UEStudio. UEStudio is not a file manager.

      A workaround would be the usage of the up to 25 user tools and up to 25 project tools. And the 10 predefined web search URLs can be also modified to open other webpages than predefined. So it is possible to open in total 60 URLs/files with a click on a menu/ribbon item, an icon in toolbar or by pressing a hotkey/chord.

      And last but not least for URLs only it is possible to put them all into a text file line by line and add this file to the project or the favorites files/folders list for quick opening. UEStudio detects on right clicking somewhere on a complete URL like https://www.ultraedit.com that string under mouse pointer is a URL and suggests at top of the context menu to open this URL. The URL is opened in default browser.

      Do you know that is also possible to add user help files which can be *.hlp, *.chm and even URLs. See in help of UltraEdit the help page Add Help File command for a context sensitive help.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria