Enhancements for UltraFTP

Enhancements for UltraFTP


    Dec 06, 2018#1

    I would like to offer enhancement ideas for UltraFTP.

    Navigation Pane:
    1. As you mouse over a particular site highlight the row that you are on
    2. Ability to sort your sites
    3. When creating a folder highlight the site as you drag it to the folder so you know you are actually dragging to the proper site rather than guessing
    4. Also while dragging highlight the row you are hovering over
    5. When sorting place folders at the top
    Main Panes - Source & Destination
    1. When dragging files to a folder do not go to that folder, just drag the files
    Hopefully other individuals are using this tool and can add other basic usability features...

    I requested all these enhancements also by email to IDM support.


      Jan 19, 2019#2

      I do like the changes suggested . I have one more. I have not been able to figure a way to do this: assign a background color to an account. The color would refer to environment
      PROD of TEST, etc.

      Thank you.


        Some more enhancements

        Jul 25, 2019#3

        tripcat1021 wrote:I would like to offer enhancement ideas for UltraFTP. ...
        I support the ideas and in addition I would like to have the possibilities:
        1. to set a time offset between local and remote system and
        2. to select all newer files either on the local or on the remote by one click.


          Jan 27, 2020#4

          Sure not much action in this forum, but I'll post anyway  ;)

          In the Action dropdown between Local and Remote panes in Folder Sync, I'd like an additional option to Delete or Send the other direction.  My Sync Rules are set to only copy Remote to Local so perhaps other options are available if my auto-processing rules didn't restrict those.  Just thought that if I'm specifying manually, I should be able to do whatever I like.
          Similarly, I'd like to be able to right-click on a file and perform normal File Manager functions (rename and delete in particular)


            Jun 09, 2021#5

            Using UltraFTP 21.0 as basis, I would suggest a complete rewamp of the FTP Account Manager.
            It is truly user UNfriendly and not up to the otherwise excellent standard of IDM products.
            No folder structure like in the Accounts & Sessions
            Unable to stretch the window size
            FTP_Account_Manager.png (19.73KiB)


              Jun 09, 2021#6

              @JorgenBB I agree the whole UI for UltraFTP needs work.  I hope the change this summer brings those updates.  I love IDM products, but this one is like the ugly red headed step child for some reason.  If you look at FileZilla; performance, ease of use etc. blows this away, I just don't get it.  Still hoping though if you look at my basic "wants" it was 2018 ....

              Grand MasterGrand Master

                Jun 10, 2021#7

                @GWPienaar, @Rheinschauer, @randy16randy, @JorgenBB and all readers of this topic:

                It is very welcome in the user to user forum of UltraFTP to post ideas for new features, enhancements and improvements to share them with other UltraFTP users. But please note that IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. is not monitoring the user to user forums. It is important that users request new features, enhancements and improvements with an email to IDM support as done by tripcat1021. The more users request a specific feature, enhancement or improvement, the higher becomes the priority for implementation.

                It is also always very good to explain an enhancement or improvement request as good as possible so that the persons making the decision to implement a request or ignore it and the developers doing the implementation really know what is requested by the user(s). Just suggesting a complete redesign of the FTP Account Manager is most likely not seriously taken into account without suggesting how the redesigned FTP Account Manager should look like finally and why that redesigned FTP Account Manager is more useful for the users. I am quite sure it makes a big difference if a user has configured just 1 to 10 accounts or dozens or even hundreds of accounts.

                I attached a cartoon which I think describes even better what I mean. See also other tree swing cartoons and the Wikipedia article about the tree swing cartoon.
                how_projects_really_work.png (341.81KiB)
                How projects really work (version 1.0)

                  Sep 11, 2021#8

                  I duplicate here the UltraFTP latest changes page from September 2021. Please view the UltraFTP page for information about new features in currently latest available version of UltraFTP.

                  UltraFTP v21.10 Changes (2021-09-03)
                  • Segmented downloads
                    • Provides exponentially faster downloads of huge files, especially for slower connections
                    • Allows resuming failed or interrupted downloads
                    • Facilitates pause / resume (see below)
                    • New segment icon to indicate which downloads are segmented in transfer details pane
                    • Expand and collapse segments to view progress
                    • New account settings for segmenting downloads and segment size (Transfers tab)
                    • How it works:
                      • Initiates multiple simultaneous connections to the server, then downloads different pieces (segments) of the file concurrently
                      • Once all segments have been downloaded, the file is re-assembled locally
                      • Uses FTP REST command for downloading file segments (unavailable for SFTP)
                  • Pause and resume downloads
                    • Pause one or all segmented downloads
                      • All completed segments are maintained, while in-progress segments are canceled
                    • Resume paused or failed segmented downloads
                      • All incomplete / unfinished segments are resumed
                    • New pause and resume options in:
                      • "Connect" group in Home tab
                      • Transfer details context menu (for segmented downloads)
                  • New dark color themes
                    • Studio Dark (new default)
                    • One Dark
                    • Predawn
                  • Various minor fixes and improvements

                  UltraFTP v21.00 Changes (2021-02-24)
                  • Synchronized browsing
                    • New option in Home tab
                    • When enabled, UltraFTP automatically browses into the corresponding folder on local or remote side (if it exists)
                    • If corresponding folder doesn't exist, UltraFTP prompts to disable synced browsing
                  • New Settings area
                    • New option in Home tab
                    • Set whether files open in UltraEdit or UEStudio
                    • Configure double-click action for files (transfer or open)
                  • With "Share FTP accounts" enabled, UltraFTP doesn't download items before sending them to UltraEdit, UEStudio, or UltraCompare
                  • "Compare files" now defaults to last two files selected
                  • Improved Perl regexp filter
                  • Addressed multiple overwrite prompt issues
                  • Various minor fixes and improvements

                  UltraFTP v20.10 Changes (2020-08-06)
                  • Cloud Sync (see details)
                    • Secure, cloud-based syncing of settings between different systems
                    • Authenticate with Google, GitHub, or Microsoft account
                    • Push / pull all settings, or specific settings categories
                    • Backup / restore system
                    • Manage, rename, and remove instances from sync account
                    • Requires a subscription license including Cloud Services
                  • Added support for folder navigation via mouse forward / back buttons
                  • Added option to clear remote pane on disconnect (remote folder pane context menu)
                  • Increased display filter width
                  • Various other minor improvements

                  UltraFTP v20.00 Changes (2020-01-22)
                  • Local / remote folder sync
                    • Select a local and remote folder to automatically sync their contents
                    • Use predefined sync rules (local-to-remote, remote-to-local, bi-direction) or create your own
                    • Customize sync actions per file
                  • Set server time skew and second tolerance for sync
                  • Added ribbon accelerators and tooltips
                  • Various minor display improvements
                  Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


                    Jan 22, 2022#9

                    JorgenBB wrote:
                    Jun 09, 2021
                    Using UltraFTP 21.0 as basis, I would suggest a complete rewamp of the FTP Account Manager.
                    It is truly user UNfriendly and not up to the otherwise excellent standard of IDM products.
                    No folder structure like in the Accounts & Sessions
                    Unable to stretch the window size
                    Add to the rebuild a checkbox to SHOW PASSWORD