export difference to new file

export difference to new file


    May 02, 2006#1

    I have a regular situation where I need to save all the lines that are different from two files. Can't copy/paste, saving results will only save one row.

    For example: Two files; full and suppress. I can find which rows are not in the suppressed file but all I can do is look at them. I don't want to merge them, I want them in a seperate file

    How can I do this?


      Jun 17, 2006#2

      I believe you can simply use File:Save Result. Before using the save function, use the "select" function that displays either all, matched or unmatched records. That done, in theory your saved file contains the displayed records.

      I have just emailed IDM about a potential bug -- I get an incomplete set of records, even with a small file. Hopefully there is a patch.

      Good luck!