Extreme resource usage UCX

Extreme resource usage UCX


    Nov 17, 2020#1

    Hi there,

    Sorry to complain again... (love the product though)
    but it seems that the Unix version is using over 10% of the CPU power when doing absolutely nothing..
    Ive got not file/folder open in UCX and all other programs (browsers, VSCode, UltraEdit etc etc) are closed.

    Any advice?
    Screenshot from 2020-11-17 17-17-49.png (186.65KiB)

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      Nov 17, 2020#2

      I use UltraCompare only on Windows. So I cannot really answer your question.

      Has UCX also the feature to poll for changes in compared files in background as UltraCompare for Windows?

      There is in UltraCompare for Windows in Configuration (perhaps Preferences in UCX) at File Handling the setting File change detection which is by default checked. Well, this setting has nearly no effect on CPU usage according to Process Explorer.

      UltraCompare v20.20.0.36 uses on my Windows machine between 0.50 and 075% of CPU on no comparison session loaded, between 3.50 and 3.85% on a text comparison session loaded and comparison already finished and UC window is in background, and 1.00 to 1.50% on text comparison session closed and UC still running in background.

      When I watch with Process Monitor on Windows the file system, registry, network, process and thread activities and the profiling events for a minute on having text comparison session loaded and file change detection enabled, I see only some profiling events and every 20 seconds a thread exit which seems to be the file change detection thread. The threats count of UC on Windows is 18 (two more in the first two minutes after startup which could be for update check and cloud service check).

      The process activity values of UltraCompare for Windows are quite okay in my opinion for an inactive Windows GUI application.

      What do other GUI applications need on your Linux machine on running in background not taking browsers into account which always need a lot of CPU power even on running in background?
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


        Nov 18, 2020#3

        Hi Mofi,

        It's an honor! Thank you for taking time to look at this.

        I've attached a few images running different ('large') applications. As you can see, when doing nothing after startup they resume to minimal CPU usage.

        Next I've toggled the 'check for file changes' option but that did not result in noticeable changes.

        I know this is a u2u board and I will have to take this up with IDM but maybe other users did have the same experience.

        Thank you again!

        ultraedit 2020-11-18 14-14-37.png (85.47KiB)
        Gitkraken 2020-11-18 14-17-27.png (88.91KiB)
        Eclipse 2020-11-18 14-19-51.png (116.62KiB)
        UC 2020-11-18 14-21-46.png (136.54KiB)
        ucnopolling 2020-11-18 14-25-54.png (130.28KiB)
        darktable 2020-11-18 14-13-17.png (90.05KiB)