Folder synchronization with mobile device

Folder synchronization with mobile device


    Aug 16, 2014#1

    I'd like to be able to synchronise folders between my PC and various mobile devices (HTC One M8 and a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014) via a USB cable.

    UltraCompare isn't able to synch to the mobile device as it can't connect to an actual 'drive'. It can view the contents but won't let me select it.

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      Aug 16, 2014#2

      It looks like UltraCompare does not yet support virtual folders. Devices with Android 4 are connected using Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) visible as virtual folder on Windows. (Those versions of Windows which support MTP.)

      I suggest to use the synchronization tools of HTC and Samsung for those devices which mount itself as MTP device via USB instead of storage media device if such a software exists at all.

      Some mobile devices can be configured to identify itself as storage media instead of MTP. But I don't know if HTC One M8 and Galaxy Note have such a configuration option for the USB interface.

      You might contact IDM support by email regarding this issue as I'm not using mobile devices connected as MTP devices and therefore do not know at all how UltraCompare supports virtual folders.

      Or has another user experience with synchronization between Windows computer and MTP mounted mobile device using UltraCompare Professional?

      Update: I asked IDM support by email if Media Transfer Protocol and other virtual folders are supported by UltraCompare. And the answer was: no, not yet. Like I suggested, IDM support added this as feature request to their database for future versions of UC. Now it depends on how many users request this feature for UltraCompare. The more users request such a feature, the higher becomes the priority. But I think most users of mobile devices use the synchronization tool of the manufacturers of the devices. I think, this was the goal of the manufacturers for not mounting the flash storages anymore as storage devices. They don't want to give other applications access to the files on the mobile devices for various reasons.
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        Aug 24, 2014#3

        I don't have an Android device, so can't speak for that. I have a Windows Phone 8.1 device, and it also uses the virtual folders, though the sync features built into my Windows 8.1 Desktop make using UltraCompare unnecessary, since I can have it configured to sync automatically when plugged in via USB cable.

        There should be some sort of software for your desktop that would allow you to sync with your device. I know there was for my old Symbian phone.

        A quick web search for "HTC One M8 Desktop Sync" shows the following free program available from HTC. This is probably what you will need.
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          Connecting to Android Internal Storage thru USB

          Apr 17, 2015#4

          With a lot of phones now opting to go to internal storage rather than the removable micro card, I'm no longer able to connect to it with UltraCompare? Anyone have any luck getting UltraCompare to see internal storage of an Android phone connected through USB? I know I can see everything with Windows Explorer, I would have assumed that UltraCompare would support this as well?