Function Tips Not working

Function Tips Not working


    Sep 10, 2005#1


    first of all, congratulations on developing such a great software in UEStudio. has all the functionality one could hope for.

    my only problem is i can't figure out how to get the function tips to work.

    auto completion works fine:
    if it type (in php) "mysql_fe" , i will get a popup suggesting "mysql_fetch_field".

    however, once "mysql_fetch_field" is typed in, there is no popup suggesting parameters. eg i expect to see a hint for "( resource result [, int field_offset]). this does not show, and pressing Ctrl+Shift+Space doesn't work either.

    hopefully, i just changed a setting or something, but i really can't figure this out. any help would be appreciated.


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      Sep 10, 2005#2

      I have the same problem with my projects in C++.

      Please send an e-mail to [email protected] describing your problem, as I have already done. The more people that have the same problem, the sooner it might get fixed.


        Sep 26, 2005#3

        They seem to work only if you have added the file you are editing to a project. And function tips only work for functions you defined in your currently open file. (Although there's a 250KiB ctags-file in my UES-cache with all PHP functions.)

        So I guess there's some improvement needed for this neat feature. Function tips should at least work for any file, regardless of whether it is in a project or not.


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          Sep 26, 2005#4

          To display function parameters, you can hit CTRL-SHIFT-Spacebar. But for the longest time, I couldn't get it to work at all, although I could do other things like select a Windows API macro lik COLORREF and the header file would open up to the line where it was defined.

          I updated to 5.00a+4, and now the function tips work (sometimes), whereas it can't find the Windows definitions anymore! It's certainly rather flaky at best.


            Sep 29, 2005#5


            I seem to get function tips for functions in my project, how do I get them for built in php functions such as str_replace()?


              Oct 04, 2005#6

              So, you can't get ToolTips for stuff like the Java standard libraries no matter how you configure it? That's a real shame - I thought my dreams had come true for a minute there.

              Someone tell me I'm wrong!


                Dec 08, 2005#7

                Hey bakert,

                I did get ToolTips to work for standard Java libraries. It isn't necessarily pretty, but it seems to work, albeit sometimes slowly. Here's what you got to do:

                1. Get JDK (1.5 for example)
                2. Unzip
                3. Within your UES project, add a group (I called it "java")
                4. Within this group, add the src folder from JDK (e.g., C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_06\src)

                Patiently wait for UES to parse ~4096 java files. Voila, the JDK standard libraries now are available for IntelliTips.

                Caveat: appears IntelliTips is not smart about context. For example, if you have your own "print" method within your local class, it will not only pick this use this for presenting as function definition for "print(", but will also present the other 22 print functions available from the JDK.

                Ideally, IntelliTips should only present those definitions that it could get to via import statements or fully qualified referencing.




                  Sep 21, 2006#8

                  Seems this feature has not yet been fixed to work with all the different Files in the project.

                  Does anyone have any thoughts on if this is ever going to be fixed? Im evulating the software, and it seems great aside from this little issue..

                  Any updates for the developers at all?

                    Sep 22, 2006#9

                    Ok i played around with this a bit more.

                    From what i could see function tips was working when it was looking for functions in the same file you were editing. If however you have 3 source files it wouldnt find the function tip for a function not found in the same file as your currently editing.. hope that makes sense :)

                    Ive tried to contact support and have sent them my sample project so that they can see the issue. Hopefully they can provide some answers :)

                    Or has anyone else found this same problem and gotten around it? My project is a basic C solution.. AutoComplete finds all the method names, but the function tips are not shown.