General config of external debuggers

General config of external debuggers


    Jun 01, 2011#1

    Hi all,

    I was looking for a tutorial on how to set up external debuggers in UEStudio.
    Though external debuggers seem to be supported, I could not find a single piece of information on how to configure them.

    Background is the following: I am using UEStudio for a proprietary algebraic modeling language.
    Models can be compiled to bytecode, much like java, but also may run directly from the command line, similar to, e.g., python.

    For compilation/execution, a custom compiler configuration should do the job... although I wish IDM had provided some more info on how to create customized setups.

    For debugging, I still don't know how to proceed...

    Internally, the modeling environment provides a command line application/shell in which one may load, compile, execute models, set breakpoints, and also start debugging. It's similar to launching a Python shell, for example.
    Now my question is: Is it possible to launch this shell from within UEStudio, then stay in debug mode and bind certain debugging commands to keys in UEStudio?

    The procedure would have to be as follows:
    1. Launch shell.
    2. Load model (from shell prompt).
    3. Enter debug mode (from shell prompt).
    4. In debug mode enter various commands as needed (different from normal shell prompt).

    UEStudio would have to start the shell in the background and send commands to it... is that possible?


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      Jun 02, 2011#2

      Only WinDbg for Visual Studio C/C++ and Xdebug for PHP are really integrated into UEStudio which means only these 2 compilers can be used directly from within UEStudio. All other debuggers are not supported directly by UEStudio.

      For external (means not supported from within UEStudio) debuggers you can specify just the full file name of the debugger executable in the Compiler Options dialog, and on the Debug tab of the Project Settings dialog you can just specify to use this external debugger. That is more or less just a user tool configuration done in the compiler and project settings dialog. The complete debugging must be done in the called external debugger.

      The support for external debuggers is mainly for compilers of microcontrollers in embedded systems. Such compilers often have their own debuggers or incircuit emulators with complete GUI communicating via a special hardware (USB, Ethernet, RS-232, JTAG ICE) with the compiled application loaded and executed on the target system.