"go to the end of the document" macro?

"go to the end of the document" macro?


    Jan 03, 2012#1

    I am a long-time Word user and looking for a better plain-text editor than what I get with Word. One thing I'll need though is a way to reproduce some of the automation steps I take when I open a document. For example, the following Word macro is something I do when open documents:

    Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdStory

    It simply goes to the end of the document once it is opened. Can UltraEdit do this or do I have to look elsewhere? If it can do this, please tell me or point me to what the steps are.

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      Jan 04, 2012#2

      This can be done.
      • Click on Macro - Delete All to remove all currently loaded macros from macro buffer.
      • Click on Macro - Edit Macro.
      • Click on button New Macro.
      • Enter as macro name for example OnLoad.
      • Uncheck both macro properties below the macro name edit field.
      • Click on button OK.
      • Select the 3 macro commands and delete them with pressing key DEL.
      • Enter the command Bottom.
      • Click on button Close and confirm with Yes the question for updating the macro.
      • Click on Macro - Save All and save the single macro into a macro file with any name like OnLoad.mac.
      • Click on Macro - Set Macro for Macro File Load/Save.
      • Browse to the macro file OnLoad.mac just saved.
      • Enter at Macro name to run on load the name of the macro which is OnLoad.
      • Close the dialog with button OK.
      That's it. Now whenever a file is opened in UltraEdit, the caret is set to end of file.

      Please note that UltraEdit can remember which files were open on last exit and reload it with setting the caret in every reloaded file to position on last exit. (Similar to pressing Shift+F5 in MS Word after opening a Word file to position the caret on last position on save because MS Word stores in *.doc respectively *.docx files the last 3 caret positions which can be set again by pressing Shift+F5 one to three times). And if you use UltraEdit for viewing log files, you may take a look on the File Change Polling feature with the Auto Scroll Polled Files option.

      By the way: Ctrl+End moves caret to end of file (in UltraEdit, MS Word and in nearly all other applications).