Highlight all occurrences of a string/word in the text

Highlight all occurrences of a string/word in the text


    Oct 13, 2005#1


    I want to know if I can search for a word in the text and UltraEdit can highlight (select) all the occurrences of the word in the document, instead of selecting the first one and I have to hit F3 to see where is the next occurrence.



      Oct 13, 2005#2

      I don't think you can do that. You could write a macro to bookmark all lines containing the search string, but there's an upper limit to the number of active bookmarks (not sure how many, used to be fifty I believe.)

      You could also copy all lines containing the search string to the clipboard by using the "List Lines Containing String" option in the Find dialog.

      Those are the best options I can think of right now.
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        Oct 17, 2005#3

        Hi Menthol,

        You can "do" it if you take the word you look for in your wordfile.txt in a section, where only this word is inside.
        Use "loud" colors for this syntax section and: voila !


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        rds, Bego :wink:
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          Dec 02, 2005#4

          I agree with this request. EmEditor has this feature. Any time you are going to do a search/replace, it highlights all the matches for you before doing any replacing. That makes it very easy to decide if you want to do a "Replace All". That is a great feature that you don't know you need until you have it. Then you are spoiled and want it all the time.

          To fend off the comments that this will probably cause, I want to say that EmEditor doesn't even begin to compare to UltraEdit. I tested it while I was trying different editors, and that is the one thing I really liked about it.

            Jul 13, 2006#5

            I just noticed that this feature almost exists in ver. 12.10a. In the Find box, there is a check for Highlight All Items Found. You can even do this, then close the Find box and open a Replace box. The matches will all still be highlighted. Then you can do the replace command.

            Could you add the check for Highlight All Items Found into the Replace dialog box? That would give us what we are asking for.


              Jan 19, 2007#6

              I don't quite understand how to highlight found search items using the wordfile.txt in a section. I guess I will have to figure this out.

              But regarding the Highlight All Items Found does help, but that is not a option for the Find in Files. I use it when dealing with large raw data file and you can put the results in a different window.

              I would like to request having the Highlight All Items Found when doing the Find in Files functionality too. Thanks


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                Feb 01, 2007#7

                It seems like what is being discussed here already exists in 12.20b+1, but...
                It is only in Found dialog. (Replace doesn't have it.)
                Also, I would like to refine the wishlist to:
                1. The option "Highlight All Items Found" should not default to OFF every time you open the Find dialog, but should remember the last setting. If we can't agree on that, then let's have two checkmarks: "this time" and "always", the latter being static/sticky.
                2. It should be available in Replace dialog (makes sense with the request below).
                3. It should search and highlight as you type, perhaps with a minimum string length threshold of 2 or 3 characters. Let's face it, while editing, most of us don't use even 1% of our computing power. Let's make some use of it.
                4. The highlighting colour should be a box found in the same dialog.
                What do you think? Do I like my creature comforts or what?

                - vhdl guy


                  May 27, 2008#8

                  I'd like to echo vhdluser in that the option "Highlight All Items Found" should not default to OFF. This is very annoying.

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                    Jan 31, 2021#9

                    There are offered since UltraEdit for Windows v28.00 and UEStudio v21.00 at Advanced - Settings or Configuration - Search - Advanced for Highlight all occurrences of selected word the configuration settings:
                    • Match case
                    • Match whole word only
                      • ... when selection is whole word only
                    The highlighting can be done also configurable with just double clicking on a word or with double clicking on a word with additionally holding Shift key. It is also possible to configure that double clicking on a word does not trigger highlighting of all occurrences of the selected word at all.

                    The settings give a user the full control on which strings are highlighted on double clicking a word without or with Shift hold or executing the command Highlighted all selected from ribbon/menu View or on pressing Ctrl+. without or with having something currently selected and no strings currently highlighted.
                    Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria