How do I disable the Check for Updates on the Help Menu

How do I disable the Check for Updates on the Help Menu


    Dec 19, 2007#1

    How can I disable the Check for Updates located on the Help Menu on the toolbar? We are going to deploy UltraEdit-32 through an automated process. I repackaged the software in an MSI. Is there a special registry entry I can create in the package that will grey out this menu item? Users will not have local admin rights to their computer and we do not want them to make any attempt to install updates. I did find the registry entry HKCU\Software\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit String: Display Ad. The value is set to 1 by default. Is this the registry string that turns off any display message informing the user that there is an update?


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      Dec 20, 2007#2

      Try a search on the UltraEdit website, jmac. Failing that, I'd contact IDM directly. Sounds like you're doing a full site, and I'm sure someone at IDM can handled situations like yours.

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        Dec 20, 2007#3

        You should set Display Ad and Query User For Updates to 1. If those 2 settings are stored in the registry under [Settings] or in the INI file depends on your version of UltraEdit. Since v13.20 they are stored in the INI. If you still see it in the registry although you use v13.20 or later than they are from a previous version and you can delete it from registry.

        Note: There are 3 other versions in the INI which are important on updates:


        is the version for the INI file itself. If this version does not match with the INI version in the EXE (must not be identical with the EXE version), UltraEdit shows on first start some dialogs like the file association dialog. With this version UltraEdit detects down- and upgrades.


        in the INI are the versions of the 2 standard menu and toolbar profiles Advanced and Basic. If one of these 2 versions does not match with the internal versions for the menu and toolbar profiles, UltraEdit shows on first start the dialog for updating (= replacing) Advanced.* and Basic.* in the directory of uedit32.ini.

        The only possibility I know to make it more difficult for the user to check for an update is to customize the Advanced and Basic menu and remove the "Check for Updates" menu item. But an experienced user could add it back to the menu with using the menu customization dialog.

        I don't know if there are special settings for companies to restrict some functions. I recommend also to ask IDM support per email for help.
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          Dec 20, 2007#4

          To All,

          Thanks for replies. I receive a response from IDM Tech support on this subject.
          They said you can do the following to disable Check for Updates.

          By default the locks are not set. UltraEdit reads the settings first from the INI file.

          You will need to copy and paste the following into your INI file to set this lock:


          If anyone needs to do lock this feature down in their environment, this is how to do it.


            May 29, 2014#5

            I am using version at the moment.
            Could not find any INI file, but added following to the registry;

            [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IDM Computer Solutions\uedit32\Locks]

            added a binary value with the name:

            and with value:

            now the update button is disabled... hope the "nag"-update-pop-up-screens are now gone too... :|


              May 30, 2014#6

              Advanced->Configuration->Application Layout->Miscellaneous. Uncheck "Automatically check for updates" item.

              This configuration setting is available since UE v17.30 and UES v11.20. It controls the periodic update check, but not the visibility of the Check for Updates menu item.
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