How do you add a build time define?

How do you add a build time define?


    Aug 20, 2005#1

    You know, with gcc, you can use the -D flag to add a define...but how do you do that in UEStudio?

    The interface to the compiler is cool, but the documentation is way to sparse...

    How do I get the equivalent of -Wall?
    How do I specify include paths? (-I)
    How do I specify library paths? (-L)

    There is a lot of guessing to do right now.

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      Aug 20, 2005#2

      "How do I get the equivalent of -Wall?"

      After you have specified MinGW as the compiler to use, and the appropriate platform (i.e. Windows application, console app, DLL, etc.) you will need to:

      (a) Select "Build->Select compiler" and click on the "Edit configuration" button AFTER you have chosen "MinGW" from the list;

      (b) There are several -W options to choose from, unfortunately -Wall is not among those. Look at how the other -W... options are handled and act accordingly.

      Unfortunately, this is what happens when you try to define a universal interface for a virtually unlimited number of compilers. I personally think there would be a better design with XML configuration files, but the choice was made to use a prehistoric key/value (Windows INI-type) of configuration. :?


        Aug 20, 2005#3

        Thanks, Bob.

        I agree with you. Ian and co. are bitting into a gigantic piece of work with that one.