How to add missing new menu items after an upgrade?

How to add missing new menu items after an upgrade?


    Apr 01, 2015#1

    I upgraded to v22 but do not see the new features like Trim Leading Spaces and Split Window Vertically in the menus. They are available in the Configuration/Customize Menus. How can I add the new features automatically to the menus?

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      Apr 01, 2015#2

      Right click on the main menu and left click on Manage Menu Configurations. Click on button Reset to update your main menu to newest version.




        Apr 02, 2015#3

        Thanks for the reply.

        Is there a way to add the new items and keep my current customizations? A reset would throw away my customizations, right?

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          Apr 03, 2015#4

          Automatically updated on first start after an upgrade of UltraEdit or UEStudio are only the 5 standard layouts which are in English UE/UES:
          • Balanced
          • Clean
          • Lean
          • Multi-Window
          • Advanced ... not listed as layout as not being a complete layout.
            Advanced.mb1, Advanced.pb1 and Advanced.tb1 are the default main menu, pop-up menus and toolbar profile files.
          All other layouts formerly known as environments are either from previous versions of UE/UES not managed anymore automatically or custom layouts not touched by UE/UES ever after an upgrade.

          Advanced - Backup/Restore User Customizations should be used to create a backup of entire user account related UE/UES configuration or restore them. It is also possible to backup just specific files instead of everything.

          Entire layouts consisting of a layout name.mb1 file (main menu), layout name.pb1 file (file tab and document window context menus), layout name.tb1 (toolbars) and *.in1 (workspace settings) can be managed with View - Layouts - Manage Layouts.

          Advanced - Configuration - Toolbars / Menus - Management contains the buttons Manage toolbars and Manage menus opening a dialog where it is possible to update with button Reset a toolbar configuration or main menu/pop-up menus configuration of a selected layout. Those dialogs can be also opened by right clicking on main menu or a toolbar on clicking on Manage ... Configurations.

          The context menus of the main menu, the open file tabs, the document window and the toolbars contain the Customize Menu respectively Customize Toolbar commands for opening appropriate customization dialog. The same dialogs can be also opened via Advanced - Configuration - Toolbars / Menus - Customization with the 3 buttons.

          I suggest following procedure to update a customized layout:
          • Make a backup of entire configuration using Advanced - Backup/Restore User Customizations.
          • Delete all old layouts not used and not being standard anymore using View - Layouts - Manage Layouts.
          • Reset menus and/or toolbars of the custom layout and then customize them again.
            Very often just the toolbars are customized, but not the main menu and the pop-up menus.
            So it is often safe to simply reset the menu profiles, but do not change the toolbars at all, or add new commands manually to the toolbars.
          For a manual customization it is definitely helpful to use Advanced - Open New Instance of UltraEdit/UEStudio, select in new instance View - Layouts - Clean, and then customize menus and toolbars of used custom layout in first instance according to what can be seen in second instance of UE/UES with clean layout. The second instance with the standard layout selected must be exited first before exiting first instance with custom layout.

          Another possibility is to do edit the menu profile files directly.

          First look into submenu Layouts in menu View to get the name of the currently used layout.

          Open %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\Name of used layout.mb1 and for example %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\Balanced.mb1 in UltraEdit and run a file compare via File - Compare using UltraCompare Lite or UltraCompare Professional. For UEStudio the default directory for uestudio.ini is %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UEStudio\.

          Merge the modifications you want.

          Advanced.mb1 is larger than the other *.mb1 files containing all same main menu configuration as this main menu profile file is the only one containing submenu Web Search in menu Search.

          Same merge process should be done also for *.pb1 file (file tab and document window pop-up menus) and for the toolbar file *.tb1.

          Once having the main menu, pop-up menu and toolbar files of used layout updated by merging those differences, you have to exit UltraEdit/UEStudio and copy Name of used layout.mb1 to Uedit32.mb0 or UEStudio.mb0, Name of used layout.pb1 to Uedit32.pb0 or UEStudio.pb0 and Name of used layout.tb1 to Uedit32.tb0 UEStudio.tb0 in %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\ respectively %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UEStudio\ or whatever is the directory containing uedit32.ini or uestudio.ini as shown at Advanced - Configuration - Application Layout - Advanced.

          There could be backups of the layout files containing file date in name which could be deleted finally too.
          Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria