How to avoid cursor disalignment on using a font which is not a fixed pitch font?

How to avoid cursor disalignment on using a font which is not a fixed pitch font?


    Mar 23, 2021#1

    Hi to all.

    I am experiencing a strange phenomenon with UEStudio version I use a monospace OEM8514 font, but the same phenomenon happens with a monospace TTF font. I work on a C source file. My screen resolution is set to 4K. When I move the cursor with cursor keys along a line I see the cursor bar is progressively misaligning to the individual characters on the screen, "losing" several pixels. The cursor remain a couple of characters to the left on the screen respect to its REAL position and therefore it is not possible to position it correctly in the source.
    If you see my attached file on line 2164 the screen position of the cursor bar is to the left of a "C" letter, but the real position is two character on the right (you can even see the match brace activation with the "float" casting of the constant value 100 in fact). I set the "active column" mode to highlight the problem even more. 
    This happen in column mode and in normal mode.

    Can you suggest something to me?

    Thanks in advance for your support.
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      Mar 24, 2021#2

      The  used font is not a fixed-pitch font. A fixed-pitch font is a font available in the styles normal, bold and italic and the characters have in all three styles the same width. The used font is most likely available only for style normal. So the Windows text rendering engine must emulate bold style for displaying characters in bold which results  in incorrect information about real width needed for the text on screen left to caret position.

      Solution: Use a fixed-pitch font of type TTF or OTF (vector font) or configure UltraEdit to display all text with just font style normal, no bold and no italic.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


        Mar 24, 2021#3

        Thanks for your kind response Mofi. I'll try your solutions. Regards.

          Mar 24, 2021#4

          Yes. Fantastic. I use a font called "giobe" that contains ASCII special characters. This characters (extended ASCII codes) are very useful for me and many fixed-pitch fonts don't support them. Setting Uedit theme to avoid bold and italic allows me to use this font perfectly. 
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