How to bookmark and do bookmark based operations?

How to bookmark and do bookmark based operations?


    Feb 28, 2021#1

    Hi all

    I'm a convert from TextPad to UltraEdit.

    In TextPad I can tag lines with bookmarks based on various criteria. Then with that I can copy bookmarked lines to a new file, delete lines, copy lines to the clipboard, invert lines so bookmarked lines are not bookmarked but not bookmarked lines become bookmarked, etc.

    These are among some of my frequent actions.

    How do I do these things in UltraEdit?  If there a page of instructions somewhere about this I couldn't find it.


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      Feb 28, 2021#2

      There is the older power tip page Using Bookmarks. But that is not all. Press Alt+F3 to open the regular Find window and look also on Quick Find versus Find and how to customize the usage of both (Ctrl+F behavior). Click on the gearwheel button to get displayed the advanced find options. There are the options you would like to use like Highlight all items found, List lines containing string, Filter lines and last but not least Bookmark matching lines. Press key F1 to get displayed the help page for the Find window explaining all options and buttons.

      Once there are bookmarked lines, click in ribbon mode on second ribbon tab Home in fourth group Bookmarks on the first item Bookmarks (text or down arrow, not the graphic symbol) and a popup menu opens with seven commands. I think, they are self-explaining. There is on ribbon tab Layout in the second group Views also the check box item Bookmarks. Check this item to get the Bookmark Viewer window opened and right click into this window to open the context menu with the bookmark related commands.

      I suggest to try also the Find options List lines containing string and Filter lines and use the context menu of the Find String List window opened automatically on using the option List lines containing string by right clicking into this window. There is on third ribbon tab Edit in first group Select and delete in popup menu of third item Delete the command Delete all hidden lines which can be used after running a Find with Filter lines checked and Show or Hide selected to show only the lines containing a searched string or hide all lines containing the searched string and get displayed all other lines.

      What is not possible directly with a command in comparison to what was listed by you is toggling the bookmarks on all lines. But I am quite sure that once you get familiar with all the features UltraEdit offers for working quickly with many lines in a file like a log file, you will not miss that command of TextPad.

      It is of course also possible to record or write an UltraEdit macro or write an UltraEdit script to do something quickly with files which must be done frequently, i.e. reformatting or filtering log files or copy lines of a file to new file(s).
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria