How to bookmark with mouse?

How to bookmark with mouse?


    May 22, 2023#1

    Hi there, I just love UE but I'm a "casual user", I mean... just use it to replace Notepad (I know you got A LOT OF features but sadly I don't how yet how to use them).

    I always use bookmarks with mouse click on the "line number" column but I did something that removed that option... WHERE and HOW can I recover that option?


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      May 23, 2023#2

      You have to click with the mouse right to the line number and not directly on the line number. The mouse pointer changes on being positioned over the area to bookmark a line, see the attached image.
      toggle_bookmark_by_mouse.png (4.66KiB)
      Toggle bookmark by mouse with positioning the mouse pointer between line number and beginning of the line in document area.

      You have perhaps clicked on ribbon tab Layout in first group Look and feel on check box item Bookmark gutter or in contemporary menu Layout on the menu item Bookmark gutter or in traditional menu View on menu item Display bookmark gutter which was introduced with UltraEdit for Windows v25.00 for toggling bookmarks with a mouse button click on the bookmark gutter between line number and beginning of line in document window area. Do this click once again to get displayed the bookmark gutter.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


        May 23, 2023#3

        Bookmark gutter, that was the trick!
        God bless you!
        It's always a pleasure to see people that KNOW what they're saying.

        Case solved!