How to clean a project?

How to clean a project?


    May 05, 2014#1


    Is there a way to clean a project ie to remove from the project all name of file that no longer exist?
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      May 06, 2014#2

      Files of a project can be managed with 2 methods - automatically or manually - see Create project from an existing directory tree? where I have explained the difference between folder method with automatic project files management and group method with manual project files management.

      I suppose that you are using the group method with files added manually to the project. This method requires also a manual remove of the files. If the project files list is a pure list of file names with no groups and there are lots of files not existing anymore, it is most likely the best to do following:
      1. Close all files currently open after loading the project.
      2. Run a Search - Find in Files with option Project files selected, and advanced option Open matching files enabled, and enter as string something which exists definitely in any project file, for example a space character. Run the Find in Files resulting in opening all files from project which really exist.
        Alternatively with all files of project being in same directory or directory tree, you could use also File - Quick Open with appropriate wildcards in file name string to quickly open all files of the project directory (tree) with producing additionally a very long list of found lines.
      3. Open the project settings dialog, select first file, move mouse pointer down in list to last item, hold key SHIFT and select last file. This selects all files of the project. Click on button Remove
      4. Now click on button +All open files and close the project settings window with button Close.
      5. Use File - Close All Files and you are done.
      You may switch to the folder method after removing all files from the project if files of the project frequently change.

      Hint: Executing a Search - Find in Files with option Project files selected and an empty search string results in getting a list of project files in output window or a new file which really exist. This list could be used to manually cross check with the project files list.

      Perhaps it would be a good idea for manually managed projects to request by email to IDM support a context menu option for the Project tab on File View and/or a button in the Project Settings dialog which runs a scan for project files, opens a window showing which files of the project do not exist anymore and give the user the choice to remove them all from project or cancel.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria