How to configure a hotkey for a macro?

How to configure a hotkey for a macro?


    Apr 20, 2023#1

    I created a macro and assigned the hotkey Ctrl + Shift + S. I cannot get this hotkey working. UltraEdit does not complain that this hotkey is already assigned.

    What am I doing wrong? How do I get this to work?

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      Apr 20, 2023#2

      The hotkey Ctrl + Shift + S is assigned by default to the command Insert char "ß". It is possible to assign a hotkey to a macro or script which is assigned already to a built-in command. But there should be displayed the message prompt:
      Defined key is used for another command.
      Do you want to to assign it with this macro anyway?
      The user must click on button Yes to delete the hotkey assignment from built-in command and assign it to the macro.

      Did you use the Modify Macro dialog?

      This dialog can be opened in ribbon mode by selecting the last ribbon tab Advanced and clicking in third group Macro on the small down arrow right to item Configure and clicking on opened popup menu on the menu item Configure macros. This window can be opened in toolbar/menu mode with contemporary menus by clicking in last but one menu Advanced in submenu Configure on the menu item Configure macros and in toolbar/menu mode with traditional menus in ninth menu Macro on the menu item Delete macro/modify properties...

      There must be first selected the macro on which the hotkey should be assigned. Then a click into edit area right to Hotkey must be made and Ctrl + Shift+ S must be pressed on the keyboard. Finally click on button Modify. The confirmation of the deletion of existing key assignment with a click on button Yes results in deletion of Ctrl+Shift+S assignment from command Insert char "ß" and assigning this hotkey to the macro.

      The hotkey should work now and execute the macro.

      Next the macro and all other currently loaded macros must be saved into a macro file. In ribbon mode click on ribbon tab Advanced in third group Macro on the small down arrow right to item Configure and click on opened popup menu on menu item Save all macros. The menu item Save all macros in submenu Configure in menu Advanced opens also the Save Macro dialog. The menu item Save all... in menu Macro in toolbar/menu mode with traditional menus opens the same dialog for saving all currently loaded macros into a macro file.

      I recommend to browse to the folder %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit, create here a new folder Macros, enter a good file name summarizing which macros this macro file contains and click on button Save. There can be used any folder to save the macro file. The advantage of storing the macros in a macro file in a subfolder Macros in the application data directory of UltraEdit keeps all user configuration and custom files together in a folder making backups easier.

      There can be opened Advanced - Settings or Configuration - Key mapping and clicked on button Show key mapping in editor. That action creates a text file with name ue.shortcuts.txt also in %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit which should contain Ctrl+Shift+S (no spaces) in first data column with the hotkeys and the name of the macro in second data column with command/macro/script names.

      The macro hotkey can be always used when the macro file containing this macro is loaded in UltraEdit.

      The macro file with one or more macros without or with hotkey/chord assignments must be configured to be automatically loaded on startup of UltraEdit to be able to use the hotkey for execution of the macro immediately after starting UltraEdit.

      This configuration can be done in ribbon mode on ribbon tab Advanced in third group Macro by clicking on the small down arrow right to item Configure and clicking on opened popup menu on menu item Set macro for auto-load. The contemporary menu Advanced has in submenu Configure the menu item Set macro for auto-load and the traditional menu Macro the menu item Set auto load... for opening the Set Macro Auto Load on Startup dialog. Browse to the macro file and click on button Set to save that configuration for automatically loading the selected macro file on next startup of UltraEdit.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


        Apr 24, 2023#3

        Thank you very much Mofi. That worked great.