How to disable floating menu bar in UEStudio?

How to disable floating menu bar in UEStudio?

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    Jan 27, 2015#1

    After upgrading to the latest UEStudio (version 15) I find my menu bar is now floating instead of being attached to the UEStudio window. I've searched the configuration settings on menu and float and can not find any setting for this. Does anyone know how to disable this floating of the menu bar?

    UPDATE: Managed to fix this myself and I wanted to share this in case anyone else runs into this.

    DISCLAIMER: I have no idea if this undocked or floating menu bar is a result of the upgrade or not but it did happen immediately after I upgraded to version 15.

    To fix this I went to the menu bar and selected Window then Enable tiling/Dockable tabs. This allowed me to move the Menu Bar to the UEStudio window/app and dock the menu bar to the top of the window where it would normally been found in most traditional windows applications. I then went back to the Window menu and selected Enable tiling/Dockable tabs to turn off this feature and put UEStudio back to its normal (for me) configuration.

    NOTE: If this has happened to you, your menu bar floats or becomes undocked from the UEStudio window, please let me know. I'm curious if this is in deed a side effect of updating to UEStudio 15.


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      Jan 27, 2015#2

      You used a very complicated method to get menu bar back from floating window mode to docked window mode.

      The menu bar can be toggled from being docked (at top) to a floating window by double clicking on a free area on right side of the menu bar where no menu item is located.

      Double clicking on title bar of the floating Menu Bar disables floating mode and brings the menu bar back to previous docked position.

      Clicking with left mouse button on the bar and holding the mouse button makes it possible to position the menu bar on a different place like at bottom of main application window (not really useful), or below the toolbar(s).

      These are standard features for Windows applications which allow positioning of the menu bar anywhere docked or floating.

      You have obviously double clicked by accident on the menu bar anywhere on right side. Updating or upgrading UEStudio does not change the workspace settings of the user.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria