How to find a phrase in file contents while omitting specific phrases?

How to find a phrase in file contents while omitting specific phrases?


    Mar 26, 2019#1

    What I want to find in the file content: 'eat at joe'
    But I additionally want these results omitted: 'eat at joes diner because it'
    So my results would only contain text such as: 'eat at joe street cafe on the...'

    Basically how do I add a NOT qualifier (or equivalent) to my UltraFinder file contents search?

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      Mar 26, 2019#2

      This can be done with a Perl regular expression search using negative lookaheads and lookbehinds.

      For the examples the regular expression search string is eat at joe(?!s diner because it) using a negative lookahead.
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        Mar 26, 2019#3

        That works great! Thanks, Mofi.

        I am accustomed to another software that has multi-field boolean, I had never used or attempted Perl before.

        Addition for that solution for anyone else that finds this post:

        If I was looking to find the phrase: eat at joe
        But I wanted to omit: eat at joe"
        Meaning that I didn't want to see entries where the word joe was immediately followed by a double quote.
        The search string I used was: eat at joe(?!")
        It caused many false positives in .zip files and graphical image files.
        So I added this to the 'ignore files/types:' field: *.zip;*.gif;*.png;*.jpg;*.swf;*.ico;*.eot;*.woff;*.ttf;*.icc;*.psd;*.woff2;*.svg;*.svg2;*.;*.svgz;
        To get a clean result list, omitting the false positives from zip and image files.
        You'll want to review the omitted file types yourself in lieu of a quick copy/paste.
        Hope this helps the next person.