How to get absolute path in project with UltraEdit 2023.1?

How to get absolute path in project with UltraEdit 2023.1?


    Dec 13, 2023#1

    Creating a new project file, when I add a folder it comes in as a relative path. This is distracting and I'd like to see the absolute path. I used Add Folder and tried both entering the path directly and navigating to it. 

    This screenshot shows what's displayed when I enter for the user name "example" for the absolute path c:\users\example\.ssh, which is a valid path.  

    This is the project file:

    Code: Select all

    [Project ID]
    Signature=UE Proj: v.1
    [Project Information]
    Use Relative Directory=1
    Relative to Project File=1
    Include Sub Directories=1
    Project TagfileU=
    Project WordfileU=
    Project TpFileU=
    Create Tagfile=0
    I tried:
    • editing the 0 entry under [FilesU] to c:\users\example\.ssh
    • Use Relative Directory=0
    • Relative to Project File=0
    No changes. How can I show and use the absolute path in this project's folder set?
    ue-project-relative.png (35.34KiB)

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      Dec 13, 2023#2

      UE/UES always try to add a folder/file with a relative path to a project file whereby the base directory path is either the directory path of the project file or the explicitly configured project directory. In most cases this is best.

      There can be used following steps for adding files and folders with absolute path:
      1. Create a new project or open the existing project to change and open the Project Settings window and remove the files and folders already added with a relative path which should be added with absolute path.
      2. Enter a Project directory at top of the Project Settings dialog window. Important here is that the project directory path is on a different drive than the folders and files to add with absolute path to the project. There can be also simply typed something like G: even if there is no drive G: at all. The project directory must not exist.
      3. Close the Project Settings dialog window with click on X symbol. That is an important step.
      4. Open the Project Settings dialog window again, and use the buttons Add folder... and Add file... to add the folders and files on the different drive than the configured project directory which are added now with absolute path.
      5. Finally delete the temporarily used Project directory path or replace the wrong directory path by the correct project directory path.
      6. Close the Project Settings dialog window with click on X symbol.
      The folders and files added while the configured project directory was on a different drive than the added folders and files are stored in the project file with absolute path and this is kept as long as the folders and files are not removed from the project and added again.

      A mixture of folders and files with absolute path and with relative path to configured project directory or project file directory is possible too.

      BTW: The project file is UTF-7 encoded. It is not advisable editing the project file directly in UE/UES although possible. Especially the file/folder entries should not be modified directly as UTF-7 encoding is tricky.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


        Dec 14, 2023#3

        Thank you! That worked a treat and I have what I'm looking for.

        Sounds like key is to initially set project directory -outside- the path of files and folders you'd like to include and close the project settings dialog, then go back in and add your folders. After that you can change project file directory to final location.

        Appreciate your post, it was very specific and helpful. 

        I am curious about UTF-7 - did UltraEdit use that for project files because it's cheaper to license than UTF-8? :)

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          Dec 14, 2023#4

          I am curious about UTF-7 usage for project files too. There are no licenses to pay for character encodings. The configuration files in %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit are UTF-16 encoded. I have no idea why the developers of UltraEdit decided on UTF-7 for storing file/folder names in project files.
          Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria