How to get Open Files bar with file tabs back after it disappeared?

How to get Open Files bar with file tabs back after it disappeared?


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    Hello, I have been searching for an answer to this issue. I have found similar questions but not this exact thing. By default there is in UltraEdit an "Open Last-Closed Tab" bar at the top that displays open files with tabs. I was working away one night and accidentally made this bar disappear. I have been searching for answers but every search that has the word "open" in it pulls up and I can't find information on this. I have been able to find a few answers from past versions of UE that no longer seem to apply as it has changed over time.

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      6:29 - Feb 21#2

      With UltraEdit for Windows v24.00 and newer:
      • In the ribbon mode click on the eight ribbon tab Layout and check in the first group Look and feel the check box item File tabs.
      • In the toolbar/menu mode with contemporary menus click in eight menu Layout on fourth menu item File tabs.
      • In the toolbar/menu mode with traditional menus click in sixth menu View in third submenu Views/lists on menu item Open file tabs.
      That action toggles on/off the visibility of the Open Files bar which can be a floating window or a docked window on any side of the main application window. It is usually a docked window at top of the main window.below the ribbon / main menu bar and toolbar(s).

      I suggest additionally opening Advanced - Settings or Configuration - Application layout - File tabs - Miscellaneous and check the setting MDI close button closes active file (not file tabs) as I suppose that you wanted to close the active file but clicked on the X symbol of the Open File Tabs bar instead of the X symbol of the window of active file. There can be checked in configuration at Application layout - File tabs - Operation the setting Dockable tabs which hides the Open Files bar and makes just the file tabs visible. That helps avoiding closing the file tabs by mistake as it can be done now only via the appropriate item on ribbon tab respectively via the menu item. But be aware of dockable tabs configuration setting changes also how the document windows can be arranged within the main application window.
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        That was EXACTLY it. This helped me fix EVERY issue I was having! You are a godsend! Thank you so much