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    Jun 04, 2021#16

    A Perl regular expression search string (?<=\d),(?=\d) with a positive lookbehind and a positive looahead works also for removing all commas between two digits.

    Is is also possible to run a Perl regular expression replace all with search expression (?<=\d),(?=\d+\.\d) and an empty replace string two or even more times until UltraEdit reports that the searched string was not found in file.
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      Jun 04, 2021#17

      Thank you very much fleggy for \d\K,(?=[\d,]+?\.)

      I need a favor from you. Can you just explain me this regular expression?


        Jun 04, 2021#18

        \d   find a number
        \K   selection will start here and not from the beginning
        ,     comma after the \d
        (?=    the next pattern is a test of the following text, so called look ahead
        [\d,]    the following text must contain only numbers or commas
        +?       as few as possible, one at least. E.g. 2222,5,,455,  :)
        \.         and then the dot must follow
        )     end of the look ahead

        The look ahead is simply a test and not a part of matched text. If the test fails then the particular comma is not matched. E.g. 123,XX does not pass the lookahead test (X is neither a number nor a comma)

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