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    Jan 18, 2015#16

    Your final version of macros 2,3 (and all your older versions), it doesn't work in the end.
    But Big Thanks!! Mofi!! :o I do really appreciate all your kind help!
    You did your best with precious time. And I'm so sorry for bothering you.
    I don't know whether it's kind of bug on UE v21.30 , but it turns out it's not that simple as I expected.

    For what it's worth, I attached input txt file that I tested with "Just For Your Further Information", Not for modifying macros on this topic.
    I think its the same example as I wrote in my first post. And as you said on your all posts, it should have worked.
    I hope it would be a little help for your later reference.
    Actually I better give up the idea of handling my big .txt file with UE because it's a big deal for a newbie like me.

    Thanks again, Mofi! :o
    Have a good day!

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      Jan 19, 2015#17

      As I won't believe that the macros are again not working, I executed macro 2 on new input file never seen before and indeed it produces wrong result for the lines starting with 78320LINE_. So I executed manually the Perl regular expression to find the blocks from top of file and could see here now immediately the problem. There is one more bug in UE v21.30.0.1016 which I have to report - a file loading issue while running a Perl regular expression find selecting larger blocks. I will report this issue, too. The other one reported 3 days ago was reproducible and confirmed by IDM support in the meantime.

      Well, all the problems with the macros in various versions of UltraEdit could have been avoided by coding everything from beginning as UltraEdit script with loading entire file content into memory, do every searching and reformatting in memory and just write the blocks into new files saved next with file name created in memory.

      As this project brought out at least two bugs in UltraEdit, it was worth the time.

      However, I think that a database application is better for your task than a text editor. So I recommend to look for a database application solution if you are searching now for a different solution for your tasks.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria

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        Jan 19, 2015#18

        I'm glad that at least it did a little help for bug hunting. Again :o
        And I don't have any massive database or any enterprise level job to do.
        It is just a text file (10 MB or so) as a contact manager for small church.
        'database application solution'? omg I'm so flattered. :D
        Anyway thanks Mofi. Who would know that even a newbie could have a chance of bug hunting? :D

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