How to use numbered bookmarks?

How to use numbered bookmarks?


    Jun 17, 2019#1

    Does UltraEdit have numbered bookmarks support like other editors?

    For example Ctrl+Shift+num  to set a bookmark and Ctrl+num to jump to bookmark.

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      Jun 17, 2019#2

      In UltraEdit bookmarks are named with a user customizable name. Press Ctrl+G (command Goto) and select Bookmark to jump to any of the bookmarked lines/columns.

      There is also the Bookmark Viewer list view. Make this view visible with a click on ribbon tab Layout in second group Views on item Bookmarks. On using toolbar/menu mode with contemporary menus click in menu Layout on menu item Bookmarks. Click in menu View in submenu Views/lists on menu Bookmark viewer on using toolbar/menu mode with traditional menus. It is of course possible to customize this view like any other view as floating or dockable window whereby the dockable window can be docked on any side of UltraEdit main application window and can be configured to auto-hide. Please note also the context menu of this view by clicking with secondary (right) mouse button into this view. There is by default no hotkey assigned to command Bookmark viewer in Key mapping configuration dialog to toggle the visibility of this view, but this can be changed by a user often using Bookmark Viewer list view.

      There are only the commands Next bookmark and Previous bookmark to jump to next or previous bookmark by key without using Go To dialog window or Bookmark Viewer list view.

      But if a Ctrl+number feature is wanted to jump to bookmarks of bookmark index 0 to n, it is possible to create several macros all with just one command with appropriate hotkey for execution stored all in same macro file which is configured to be automatically loaded on startup of UltraEdit to have the macros and their hotkeys available right after starting UltraEdit.

      Macro with for example name Goto Bookmark 1 with assigned hotkey Ctrl+1 would have the macro command GotoBookMark 0, the second macro with name Goto Bookmark 2 with assigned hotkey Ctrl+2 would have the macro command GotoBookMark 1, and so on.

      Please note that by default Ctrl+0, Ctrl+1 ... Ctrl+9 are assigned to the commands Windows clipboard, User clipboard 1 ... User clipboard 9 switching active clipboard. So it would be better to first remove those key assignments in configuration dialog before creating the macros with the hotkeys to execute the macro command GotoBookMark X.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria