Ideas on how to send/add selected text to a text file

Ideas on how to send/add selected text to a text file


    Aug 22, 2007#1

    I am building a list of words for a custom dictionary and it would be handy to be able to simply select a word and add it to a list in a file.

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      Aug 22, 2007#2

      How would you do that manually? Maybe with following steps:
      1. Select the word.
      2. Copy it to clipboard.
      3. Open the file with the list of words.
      4. Go to bottom of the file.
      5. Paste the word.
      6. Insert a line break.
      7. Close the list file with save.
      Exactly this can be done also with a macro:

      Clipboard 9
      Open "name of list file with full path"
      IfColNum 1
      CloseFile Save
      Clipboard 0

      What you want to do could be also done faster without a macro by using a user tool.

      Open Advanced - Tool Configuration and create a new tool with following settings:

      Tab Command
      Menu Item Name: Add selection to list file
      Command Line: echo %sel% >>"name of list file with full path"
      Working Directory: select with the Browse button the direcotry of the list file - please really use the Browse button
      Toolbar bitmap/icon (file path): whatever you like and have

      Tab Options
      Program Type: Dos Program
      Save Active File: unchecked
      Save all files first: unchecked

      Tab Output
      Command Output: Append to Existing
      Show DOS Box: unchecked
      Capture Output: unchecked
      Replace selected text with: No Replace

      Okay, now you have a tool which you can run whenever you want to append to your list file a line with the current selection.

      You can assign a hotkey for the user tool and you can customize the toolbar and add the user tool to the toolbar.

      Note: I have both methods not tested.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


        Aug 22, 2007#3

        Thanks a lot MOFI.
        I tried the Tools method and it worked perfectly.
        I just added the tool to the tool bar.
        Now I select a word, click the tool and it is added, no pop ups, warnings, dialogs or anything.