Java - compiling ok - running application fails

Java - compiling ok - running application fails


    Jan 31, 2006#1

    Compiling a simple jdbc application is ok with UEStudio.
    Running the application fails complaining that it cannot find the file (this only contains some initialization data for the jdbc connection).
    This file,, is added to the project though.
    Note that the same application with the same file runs
    as a charm in Textpad.

    Has somebody details with compiling/running java in UEStudio ?
    Does a detailed manual exist ?
    Already spent hooouuurs on this (and not doing java ...)

    Any help really appreciated.



      Mar 18, 2006#2

      So do I. I have the same problem, even compile the "hello world!" programme with java.
      If sombody has the correct method to configure it, please post. Really appreciated.
      I'm sorry for the poor English.


        Apr 16, 2007#3

        Under Advanced Tool Configuration I setup a new command called Java compile

        In the Command Line box I put javac -g:none "%f"

        Working directory: I used the directory where my .java programs are located

        Options Tab
        Dos Program
        Check Save Active File

        Output Tab
        Output to List Box
        Check Capture Output
        No Replace