Javascript Lint with FTP files

Javascript Lint with FTP files


    Oct 09, 2014#1

    I tend to edit the file on the FTP directly, and I wish to use the Javascript Lint tool to check one of the javascript file I opened via the FTP, but seems UEStudio call the jslint command on the ftp connection filepath (e.g. ftpserver://filename) instead of the local working copy which cause JSLint to fail.

    Is there anyway to work around this?

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      Oct 09, 2014#2

      First, please report this issue by email to IDM support to get this wrong behavior fixed for files loaded via FTP in future versions.

      A workaround solution is configuring JavaScript Lint additionally as user tool in UEStudio. Open Advanced - Tool Configuration and press button Insert.

      On tab Command

      Menu item name: JS Lint FTP File (or whatever you like)
      Command line: "%Env:ProgramFiles(x86)\IDM Computer Solutions\UEStudio\tools\jsl\jsl.exe" -conf "%Env:APPDATA\IDMComp\UEStudio\jsl.default.conf" -process "%ftpl" -nologo
      Working directory: (nothing)
      Toolbar/bitmap icon (file path): (nothing or whatever you have extraced for example from uesres.dll)

      On tab Options

      Program type: DOS program
      Save active file: checked (or NOT checked, whatever works better)
      Save all files first: NOT checked

      On tab Output

      Command output: Output to list box
      Show DOS box: NOT checked
      Capture output: checked
      Replace selected text width: No replace

      Press button OK and you have now a new menu item name in menu Advanced to run JavaScript Lint on active FTP loaded file using local copy because of %ftpl. Press button Help in tool configuration dialog for more information about the placeholders. This tool can be added also to a toolbar using toolbar customization dialog (right click on toolbar and click on Customize Toolbar) or executed by hotkey which can be defined at Advanced - Configuration - Key Mapping for AdvancedUserToolx.

      %Env:ProgramFiles(x86) references value of environment variable ProgramFiles(x86). %Env:APPDATA references value of environment variable APPDATA.

      "%Env:ProgramFiles(x86)\IDM Computer Solutions\UEStudio\tools\jsl\jsl.exe" can be different depending on which directory UEStudio is installed on your computer.

      "%Env:APPDATA\IDMComp\UEStudio\jsl.default.conf" can be different depending on what is configured at Advanced - Configuration - Integrated Applications - JavaScript Lint

      PS: This tip was not tested with a FTP loaded file, just with a local file using %f instead of %ftpl.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria