List of all supported compilers?

List of all supported compilers?

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    Feb 09, 2006#1

    Hi. I've been looking around on the UE site and forum for a while and can't seem to locate a definitive list of compilers supported by UEStudio. Does such a list exist? I'm sure it must be somewhere, probably someplace embarrassingly obvious to all but me. :?


    Grand MasterGrand Master

      Feb 09, 2006#2

      I have generated this list by simply copying the directory names of the configs directory of UEStudio v5.10+1. But don't forget, you can always add a new compiler if there is no existing support for your compiler.

      A386 Assembler
      ARM Compiler
      ARM IAR C++ Compiler
      Borland C++ Compiler
      Borland Inprise Compiler
      Borland Pascal 7
      CC386 Compiler
      CCS C Compiler
      COBOL Compiler
      Cosmic ST7 C Compiler
      Cygwin Compiler
      Diab C++ Compiler
      Digital Mars Compiler
      Digital Research C
      DjGpp Compiler
      Flat Assembler
      GNAT Ada95 Compiler
      GNU Prolog
      GoAsm Assembler
      Hi-Tech 8051 Compiler
      Hi-Tech XA Compiler
      HLA Compiler (masm32+)
      ImageCraft Compiler
      Intel C++ Compiler
      Java Compiler
      Keil C51 Compiler
      KPIT GNUSH Compiler
      Lazy Assembler
      Lcc win32 Compiler
      Micro C Compiler
      Microchip C Compiler
      Microsoft .NET
      Microsoft MASM32 Compiler
      Microsoft Quick C Compiler
      Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler
      Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003
      MinGW Compiler
      Netwide Assembler
      Open Watcom C++ Compiler
      Pacific C Compiler
      Pass32 Assembler
      PICC Compiler
      PowerBASIC Compiler
      PureBasic Compiler
      R3C Compiler
      Renesas NC30 Compiler
      Salford FTN77
      Small C Compiler
      SPHiNX C-- Compiler
      TMT Pascal
      Turbo Assembler
      Turbo C Compiler
      Turbo C++ Compiler
      Turbo Pascal 6
      Visual Studio 2005
      Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition
      WinAVR Compiler
      WiX Compiler
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria

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        Feb 10, 2006#3

        Thanks, Mofi!

        Do you have a link for instructions on adding compilers that you would share with me?

        I'm so used to UE, that using a "foreign" IDE is just a pain.


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          Feb 10, 2006#4

          How to add a compiler is explained in the help of UEStudio. I don't have written an instruction for it and actually I have not added a none listed compiler by myself. Some other users of UEStudio have done this.

          So have to try it by yourself and ask here in the forum for help if needed. Also IDM support is always helpful if a user needs support during adding a not preconfigured compiler. Just contact IDM support be email. With the registration fee you have bought one year support, so why not using it.
          Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria