May 05, 2010#31

    In case anyone is still monitoring this thread and wants to upgrade UE from a version prior to version 15, but have heard of the difficulty in changing over to the new word file syntax coloring, then check the thread Color Scheme Management Tool.

    This new utility, which has at long last been released, can handle the following for you:
    * Export wordfile colors to one or multiple wordfiles.
    * Clear all color information from one or multiple wordfiles.
    * Split a multi-language wordfile into separate wordfiles.

    These 3 functions effectively replace all the macros that were written to accomplish this, but it takes all the guess work and removes the difficulty level.

    In addition, you will be able more easily manage your colors:
    * Import/Export from/to UltraEdit/UEStudio for both Color Schemes and Wordfile Colors.
    * Create/Load/Save Color Schemes in INI file format to make it easier for human reading and for trading color schemes with others.
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      Mar 17, 2011#32

      It appears that IDM used the Tango Dark color scheme when advertising UE v17.00. Does this mean we will have a quick and easy way of using this color scheme?
      ue-17-ad.gif (13.18KiB)
      UltraEdit advertisement showing Tango Dark color scheme

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        Mar 19, 2011#33

        Hi Bill,

        It's not Tango..but it's certainly a lot like it. :)

        I have no idea if what they show will be the default or an option...but ideally they have made it easier to add schemes to UE.

        I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

        You may want to try out rhapdog little app...as it will apply Tango Dark to UE.


        Since UE is allowing for more color's, I figured I should list all the available colors for Tango Dark.

        Code: Select all

        Butter 1       5237244
        Butter 2       54509
        Butter 3       41156
        Chameleon 1    3465866
        Chameleon 2    1495667
        Chameleon 3    432718
        Orange 1       4108284
        Orange 2       31221
        Orange 3       23758
        Sky Blue 1     13606770
        Sky Blue 2     10773812
        Sky Blue 3     8866336
        Plum 1         11042733
        Plum 2         8081525
        Plum 3         6698332
        Chocolate 1    7256553
        Chocolate 2    1146305
        Chocolate 3    153999
        Scarlet Red 1  2697711
        Scarlet Red 2  204
        Scarlet Red 3  164
        Aluminium 1    15527662
        Aluminium 2    13621203
        Aluminium 3    11976122
        Aluminium 4    8751752
        Aluminium 5    5461845
        Aluminium 6    3552302
        Aluminium 7    4869449
        Aluminium 8    1776151
        Aluminium 9    2631458

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