"No update available at this time" but newer versions exist?

"No update available at this time" but newer versions exist?

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    Dec 22, 2023#1

    When checking for updates, my UE and UltraCompare installations state that "No update available at this time" even though newer versions are available for download on the UE website.

    Why is that?

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      Dec 22, 2023#2

      That was asked also by a customer two days ago during the webinar presenting the new features of UltraEdit for Windows/UEStudio v2023.2 which I viewed too. The answer was a problem with signing all files if I remember correct.

      It is also typical that UltraEdit, Inc. first makes the installer files for a major upgrade available on their website, and two or three weeks later after all related web pages are updated, publishes a newsletter with information about the new major release and makes the upgrades available via the built-in update/upgrade feature.

      That makes it also possible that customers early upgrading via a download of the installer file from the website and manual execution like the beta testers can quickly report a serious problem with the public release version. I reported by email three days ago that UE/UES v2023.2.0.27 has a serious problem with the scripting command UltraEdit.messageBox() which is simply not opening a message box during script execution in this version while the scripting command works with UE/UES v2023.1.0.23 and former versions.

      Many companies have such a publishing strategy for major releases including Microsoft. I upgraded Windows 11 already to 23H2 although not yet available for Windows users in Europe by downloading and installing the Windows 11 upgrade manually from the Microsoft website.

      It makes a difference if a customer with a personal license upgrades manually as soon as possible directly from the website or if a company with hundreds or thousands of installations upgrade all via built-in upgrade/update feature. A small delay of a few weeks between offering a major release via direct download on the website and a more or less automatically applied upgrade for thousands or millions of users gives the software producing company a short time to fix serious bugs reported by early upgrading customers before the real rollout of the new major release starts. In other words customers interested in a stable release should better wait a month or two after a new major release is available for download and installation before doing the upgrade. This is a general rule which I observed over the last 25 years for all applications independent on the software producing company.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria

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        Dec 22, 2023#3

        Thank you for this explanation. I have worked in large (DAX) companies for 30+ yrs so I am well aware of the special requirements in such environment. For most products it was not even possible to update on your own, but you needed to wait for IT to release the SW internally.

        I was just wondering why I get UE update notifications through various social media channels but nothing happens when pressing "Check for updates".


          3:00 - Feb 11#4

          Okay so potentially re-opening a zombie post but just noticed I haven't had an UltraEdit update in a while and it tells none are available. A quick check on the website 'and I was surprised the last update was mid-December and I'm just figuring this out on February 10th! 

          I'm currently running 2023.1.0.23 64-bit (Windows), maybe it's time to call this a bug? 


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            17:22 - Feb 12#5

            I asked UltraEdit support by email why UltraEdit for Windows and UEStudio v2023.2.0.33 are still not offered for update via the built-in check for updates feature. Here is the response which I should share with the community.
            UltraEdit support wrote:We are rolling out a fix to the check for updates process for all products. When complete, check for updates will be re-enabled and will work normally for future releases. Current goal is to complete this process by the end of March.
            Please download the installer executable or the MSI file suitable for the already installed UltraEdit/UEStudio from the UltraEdit web site and do the update manually while no instance of UltraEdit/UEStudio is running if you want to update now. There is no uninstall necessary before the update on having already UE/UES v2022.0 or a newer version installed.

            The currently latest version of UltraCompare Professional for Windows is v2023.1.0.27. It has the revamped icons for itself and for UltraEdit, UEStudio, UltraFinder and UltraFTP for the appropriate commands in ribbon or on the toolbar in comparison to initially released v2023.1.0.23 as I could quickly see after the manual installation and start of UltraCompare. I am not aware of any other changes in comparison to v2023.1.0.23.

              7:12 - Mar 08#6

              The currently latest available version of UltraEdit for Windows and of UEStudio is v2023.2.0.41.

              The currently latest available version of UltraCompare for Windows is still v2023.1.0.27.

                18:38 - Jun 22#7

                I post here a newsletter from Ben Schwenk sent on 2024-06-19 by email to all subscribers of the UltraEdit newsletter.

                Hello UltraEdit community!

                If you have an up-to-date license for UltraEdit or any of our other titles, I wanted to update you with some good news.

                We recently completed an extraordinary investment into securing and hardening UltraEdit products:
                • Integrated industry-leading SAST and SCA tools into our development process
                • SBOM generation for the customers who need it
                • Vigorous and secure coding protocol and process implementations
                • Ongoing training to maintain beyond-reproach security and stability in our products
                In simple terms, our software is now more secure than ever. Learn more about our security initiatives here: UltraEdit Security

                We’ve also just published hotfixes for our Windows products delivering substantial security enhancements and application hardening. If you haven’t updated yet, make sure you get the latest versions!

                A note about automated updates
                You might have noticed that Check for Updates hasn't shown any new updates lately. Don’t worry – this was intentional. Here’s why:

                Our security initiatives necessitated a fundamental change to the automated in-product update mechanism. This change requires a one-time manual update to avoid an inadvertent error during the automated process. To minimize this, we temporarily paused automated updates for our latest releases.

                If you’re not already using a 2024.x version, please manually download and install the update at the links below. Once you’re updated, Check for Updates will work as usual.

                (Note: You'll need an active subscription or maintenance plan for the latest versions. If your license is out of date, we recently introduced some promotional specials to bring you up to speed – just reach out to us for the details!)

                Download the latest versions at these links:
                UltraEdit Windows / Mac & Linux
                UltraCompare Windows / Mac & Linux

                Finally, thanks for your trust. We don't take it for granted.

                Kind regards,
                Ben Schwenk
                Chief of Staff, UltraEdit, Inc.
                Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria