Open new files in the same window

Open new files in the same window


    Mar 31, 2014#1


    I have problems to find the settings where I can let files open in the same window.
    At the moment every time when I open a new file a new icon with that file is placed at the dock.
    This sucks when I have to handle 20-30 files, but even with 5 files it is not comfortable.

    Has anyone an idea how to handle this?


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      Sep 24, 2014#2

      I'm not using UltraEdit for Mac, just UltraEdit for Windows.

      In UE for Windows there is at top in menu Advanced the menu item Configuration. I think in UEX and UEM the menu is Tools and the menu item name is Preferences. There is in configuration dialog Application Layout - Miscellaneous the option Allow multiple instances and several other options which define if a file double clicked in Windows Explorer or any other file manager or opened from a command prompt window is opened in a new instance of UltraEdit or in already running instance.

      Take a look if such an option exists also in UEM. But as far as I know it is default on Mac that a single instance of an application is used as also written at Opening multiple copies of UltraEdit for Mac.

      But I think what you describe is not controlled by UEM, but by Dock application of Mac. Perhaps it would be a good idea to start with Mac Basics: The Dock holds your favorite apps, documents, and more in dig in the features and options of Dock application.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria