Organize in lines all blocks that are in columns

Organize in lines all blocks that are in columns

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    Nov 03, 2008#1

    Hi to all,

    Please some help from the experts.

    I have a text file with system user information in two columns divided in blocks, (many blocks)
    beginning with "Account user". Within the first column there are words that are repeated through
    the file in other blocks information for other users. In second column is written the info related to every
    particular user defined in the system as we can see below of every "Account user" field in first column.

    *Some blocks contain less fields or lines than others.

    I'd like to tabulate, organize the same information putting the repeated fields in the first column as headers in a new file. Saying that the block that contain the maximun number of fields in the 1rst column has 5 fields, the number of columns (or headers) in the new file would be 5, without count the fixed column that would contain the header "Account user". In total would be 6.


    I have this:

    Account user
    Full Name ---------------------- John Smith
    User's comment ------------------With this profile I can change everything
    Password last set -----------------10/22/08 2:18 PM
    Workstations allowed --------- ----All
    Group Memberships --------------Administrators Users
    Account user
    Full Name ---------------------- Mark Kendall
    Password last set ----------------11/02/2008 7:19
    Group Memberships --------- Operators Users
    and continues..

    I'd like to obtain an arrangement as follow:
    (The blocks with less fields would appear with empty spaces under some columns)

    Code: Select all

    Account user--Full Name-----User's comment------------Password last set----Workstations allowed--Group Memberships
    jsmith--------John Smith----I can change everything------10/22/08 2:18 PM----------All----------Administrators Users
    mkendall------Mark Kendall-------------------------------11/02/08 7:19 AM-------------------------Operators Users    

    Any suggestion on how can I do this will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


      Nov 03, 2008#2

      You write your question in the macro forum - but is scripts an option for you ? Tell us your version of UE (macro authors need this information too).

      (I have a script that almost does what you want, that I can modify and post to this forum if you use UE13 or above).

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        Nov 03, 2008#3

        Hi jorrasdk, thanks for answer. Well, yes, a script is a good option. I use the last UE version. Thanks again.


          Nov 03, 2008#4

          Ok, here goes. I developed and tested the script against these test data (DOS line endings):

          Code: Select all

          Account user
          Full Name                        John Smith
          User's comment                   I can change everything
          Password last set                  10/22/08 2:18 PM
          Workstations allowed               All
          Group Memberships               Administrators Users
          Account user
          Full Name                        Mark Kendall
          Password last set                 11/02/2008 7:19 PM
          Group Memberships           Operators Users
          The script looks like this. Some comments are added:

          Code: Select all

          /* Add trim method to String object */
          String.prototype.trim = function() { return this.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, ""); };
          /* Add rpad method to String object */
          String.prototype.rpad=function(n,s) { if(n<0) return; if(typeof s=='undefined') s=' '; var res=this.toString(); while(res.length<n) res=res+s; return res; }
          /* Define line break characters for file: DOS: \r\n, Unix: \n */
          var CRLF = "\r\n";
          // Define working environment for this file.
          // Define all the find options:
          // Move cursor in current file to top of the file.
          // Remove trailing blanks
          // global arrays for accounts and lengths for columns
          var accounts = new Array();
          var accountColumnLen = new Array();
          // find all blocks of accounts:
          while (UltraEdit.activeDocument.findReplace.find("[^ÿ]*?^Account user")) {
          // find last account (as it is not followed by ^Account user
          // Move cursor back to top in current file
          // Write resulting tabular output to new file
          // Define a short alias:
          var outputDoc = UltraEdit.document[getActiveDocumentIndex()];
          // Now write the tabular list
          // Extract pairs of key=value. Key without value = account short name
          function extract_accountData(accountData) {
            // split the list at CRLF
            var accountDataList = accountData.split(CRLF);
            // return if invalid data
            if (! accountDataList) return;
            if (accountDataList.length < 1) return;
            // New array for account being processed
            var account = new Array();
            for (var i = 0;i<accountDataList.length;i++) {
              /* regexp to extract key and value */
              var re_accountDataList = /^(.*?)(  +)(.*)/;
              var keyname = "";
              var keyvalue = "";
              var spaces = "";
              try {
                [, keyname, spaces, keyvalue ] = re_accountDataList.exec(accountDataList[i]);
              catch (ex) {
                /* no value - put whole line in key */
                keyname = accountDataList[i]; keyvalue = "";
              if (keyname.trim()=="") continue; /* drop empty keys */
              if (keyname=="Account user") continue; /* drop "Account user" line */
              if (keyvalue=="") {keyvalue=keyname;keyname = "Account user";} /* no value = username => swap */
              /* assign key/value combination to account array */
              account[keyname] = keyvalue;
              /* calc length of value and save longest length */
              if(! accountColumnLen[keyname]) accountColumnLen[keyname] = 0;
              if(keyvalue.length > accountColumnLen[keyname]) accountColumnLen[keyname] = keyvalue.length;
            /* push account to "master array" */
          // Write tabular list
          function write_accounts_tabular_list() {
            var outString = "";
            // write header
            for (var colName in accountColumnLen) {
              /* if header is longer than largest value adjust length */
              if(colName.length > accountColumnLen[colName]) accountColumnLen[colName] = colName.length;
              /* add column name and pad with blanks */
              outString += colName.rpad(Number(accountColumnLen[colName]))+ " ";
            for(var i=0;i<accounts.length;i++) {
              var account = accounts[i];
              outString = "";
              // Iterate through all columns
              for (var colName in accountColumnLen) {
                var val = account[ colName ];
                // undefined column for this account => use blank
                if(val==undefined) val = "";
                // add column value and pad with blanks.
                outString += val.rpad(Number(accountColumnLen[colName]))+ " ";
              // write data
              if(outString.trim()!="") {
          /* Find the tab index of the active document */
          function getActiveDocumentIndex() {
            var tabindex = -1; /* start value */
            for (i = 0; i < UltraEdit.document.length; i++)
              if (UltraEdit.activeDocument.path==UltraEdit.document[i].path) {
                tabindex = i;
            return tabindex;
          Run the script with the test data as the active file. It then produces the following output:

          Code: Select all

          Account user Full Name    User's comment          Password last set  Workstations allowed Group Memberships
          jsmith       John Smith   I can change everything 10/22/08 2:18 PM   All                  Administrators Users
          mkendall     Mark Kendall                         11/02/2008 7:19 PM                      Operators Users

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            Nov 04, 2008#5

            Hi jorrasdk,

            This code really works! It is how I was thinking about, you got my idea perfectly! :D

            Many thanks to take your time to help others with their problems and things like this.

            Best regards