Output of Javascript Lint in output window is not readable with UEStudio v17.20 (solved)

Output of Javascript Lint in output window is not readable with UEStudio v17.20 (solved)


    Feb 08, 2018#1

    I'm working on a JavaScript project and when I use the Javascript Lint button, the output window text is Korean/Japanese/Chinese or something. I have checked the Set output font setting and configured "Western, Arial, normal".

    Where else can I look?


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      Feb 08, 2018#2

      This is not a configuration issue. It is a bug of UEStudio v17.20 as I have just found out after reading your post. UEStudio < v17.20 don't have this issue. The ANSI encoded output of JavaScript Lint is interpreted by UES v17.20.0.xx UTF-16 LE encoded which results in unreadable text in output window. I reported this issue by email to IDM support.

      There is a workaround for this issue of UES v17.20 by configuring a user tool doing the same as UEStudio does on executing Javascript Lint.

      On ribbon tab Advanced click in first group Tools on item User tools and click in opened popup menu on Configure tools. Click on button Insert and configure the user tool as follows:

      Tab Command:

      Menu item name: JS Lint
      Command line: "C:\Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UEStudio\tools\jsl\jsl.exe" -conf "%Env:APPDATA\IDMComp\UEStudio\tools\jsl\jsl.default.conf" -process "%f"
      Working directory: %p
      Toolbar bitmap/icon (file path): empty

      Tab Options:

      Program type: DOS program selected
      Save active file: checked
      Save all files first: not checked

      Tab Output:

      Command output: Output list box selected
      Show DOS box: not checked
      Capture output: checked
      Replace selected text with: No replace selected
      Handle output as Unicode: not checked

      Click on button OK.

      The red formatted path to program files folder of UEStudio must be adapted to your installation.

      The user tool JS Lint can be executed now for active JavaScript file by pressing Ctrl+Shift+1 (default hotkey for executing first user tool) or clicking on ribbon tab Advanced on item User tools and next on JS Lint.

      Update: This bug was fixed with UES v18.00.0.04. So the workaround using a user tool is necessary only for UEStudio v17.20.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


        Feb 08, 2018#3

        Thank you. ;-) That works perfectly. Exactly what I needed.