Powershell 7.x support and change font

Powershell 7.x support and change font


    Jun 22, 2023#1

    Is there a setting somewhere to indicate which Powershell version to use?  The default is 5.1, I have 7.3.x scripts.

    Also, how can I change the font of the terminal?  My $profile is using oh-my-posh for the powerline prompt with the powerlevel10k_rainbow theme.  For that to display correctly I would need to use Meslo LGMDZ Nerd Font.

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      Jun 22, 2023#2

      I cannot see any setting in Configuration or in context menu of the Terminal window of UltraEdit for Windows v2023.0 which makes it possible to configure which PowerShell is executed by Windows for the execution of the active PowerShell script or the selected cmdlets. It looks like UltraEdit uses the Windows standard for finding an executable like powershell.exe for execution of the PowerShell script / selected cmdlets according the logs of Process Monitor on running a PowerShell script from within UltraEdit on Windows 11 22H2. There is searched the current directory and next the directories in environment variable PATH as defined on starting the UltraEdit executable.

      I also cannot see any font or font size setting in Configuration or in context menu of the Terminal or in Manage Themes dialog window of UltraEdit for Windows v2023.0 which defines the font and font size for the PowerShell Terminal window inside main application window of UltraEdit. I think, the font and font size of the Terminal window is defined by what is configured in the Windows settings and stored in Windows registry for a PowerShell terminal / console window.

      I recommend asking support of UltraEdit, Inc. by email to get information based on facts on your questions instead of a user observation.

      Hint: It is always possible configuring a user tool for running the active script file with the executable you want and get the output captured to the output window or a file. Running just a selection of cmdlets requires the usage of a macro or script which copies the selection into a new file, saves the new file with a specific name into a specific directory, and runs the configured user tool. See also: PowerShell 7 User Tool Configuration

        Dec 08, 2023#3

        The font and font size configured in the Manage Themes dialog window on tab Application for Dockable window font is used since UltraEdit for Windows and UEStudio v2023.1.0.19 for the text display in window Terminal (PowerShell console terminal inside UltraEdit/UEStudio application window).
        Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria