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    Apr 23, 2012#31

    pema wrote:Ok, I cut and rearranged the icons from mofi's images according to the new UE scheme. It took quite a few hours to figure out everything, but now ... here's my first try
    Hi Pema,

    Thanks for all the hard work you put in. First off, my vote is 200% with the old icons. I have no clue why IDM wasted their time and money and putting together a new set of icons which users don't like. What good is that. Mofi mentioned that he doesn't care about the look of the icons as he uses hot keys. Well, I am a bit lazy and would like to use my mouse whenever I can. Plus, I don't want to memorize all the hot keys.

    Anyway, I am trying to update ueres.dll against Mofi's advice. I will take my chances when I do the next update (IF I EVER DO). Pema, I have two questions for you.
    1. What would be a good Resource Editor to use. I have not used one before.
    2. I did download what is known as ResEdit but when I try to open the file ueres.dll with it I get a couple of errors/warnings and after the file is opened, I can not find section 'RCData" in it.
    Could you please help.

    Thanks in advance.


      Apr 24, 2012#32

      hveld wrote:I also think old icon set is easier to work with. Because I'm used to it or for some other reason - this actually doesn't matter.
      What matters is the final result, which is that I often wonder what icon is supposed to do this or that.

      No doubt new icons are good looking. Many, or probably most users would prefer them.
      But there are also many that would prefer the old ones. So it's really a good idea to make the icon set user selectable. I guess this is technically not so hard.
      I have to admit, I think being able to more easily install "icon sets" would be a real plus for UE. Let's face it, some people like one set and others like another set. Still some like part of this one and part of that one.

      The way UE is currently set up, yes, you can change every single icon to be whatever BMP file you like. So, it is possible to revert, albeit a painstaking process.

      To me, it's like the way UE configures colors. It is very painstaking to configure colors for every syntax highlighting file, and for the environment as well. Then, just as you get everything the way you want it, you upgrade and one thing or another goes haywire, and you have to reset some of your colors again, usually in syntax highlighting files that were updated.

      Is there some way to "save" a toolbar configuration that can be shared with other users without editing the ueres.dll? I notice the *.tb? files have this information, but save the graphic location as an absolute path, which would make it difficult to share. However, with some experimentation, I discovered it uses the program path as a base if you assign a "relative" path by manually editing the *.tb? file. Would be nice if someone could put out a way to "package" and "share" toolbar sets for UE and UES. It can be done, but first programming would be tedious as you would need to enable every toolbar option and replace every toolbar icon with another one in order to get the base file you need for all the programming info.

      I think what I'll do, and what I'll recommend others do as well, is to request that IDM provide a way to "save a toolbar set" once you have worked on configuring it one by one your way. Then a way to "load a toolbar set" later, so that you can load what someone else has put together. Of course, a toolbar set would have to be applied to ALL environments at once, because each environment has to have the toolbar icons changed separately, which is why this task is so tedious if you don't like the icons.

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        Apr 24, 2012#33

        OK. I got another editor called Resource Editor and this program opens usres.dll fine and I can see RCData section. But I only see two png entries in there 505 and 506. Can't see 2381-85 or 2391-95.

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