Quick tips are not showing (properly) in UTF-8 files on using UES v17.00

Quick tips are not showing (properly) in UTF-8 files on using UES v17.00

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    Jun 24, 2017#1

    It seems UES v17.00 broke Quick tips in files saved with UTF-8 BOM.

    Depending at what part of the file I'm typing the tooltips fail to show at all, or showing something that doesn't exist in current file.
    quicktips.png (1.69KiB)

    Sample files are in attached ZIP file.
    Start typing "test" at the last line of each file.

    Windows 7/10 x64, UES x64

    Anyone else experiencing this issue?
    intellitips_configuration.png (33.67KiB)
    quicktips_test.zip (241 Bytes)   43
    Two identical text files, one saved in ASCII, another in UTF-8 with BOM

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      Jul 09, 2017#2

      Sorry for the late reply, but this bug report in user to user forum was not of high priority for me as I'm working usually not with UTF-8 encoded files in UEStudio.

      However, I have looked on this issue and here is what I have sent to IDM support by email a few minutes ago.

      I looked with UEStudio v17.00.0.25 and also with RC2 v17.10.0.13 on an issue with quick tips on UTF-8 encoded files posted by forum member V@no with the topic https://forums.ultraedit.com/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=17418

      I configured UEStudio as posted by V@no which means:
      • IDE - IntelliTips - Auto-complete

        [ ] Show symbol list automatically
             when [ 3 ] chars are typed
        [x] Insert smart space after completed word
        [x] Auto-complete one symbol-list
        [x] Delete "trailing" chars on auto-complete

        Disable this feature for

        [ ] Comment blocks
        [ ] Strings

        Complete with:

        [x] Tab
        [x] Enter
      • IDE - IntelliTips - Function tips

        [x] Show automatically
        [x] Use function tips data (if available) for function list
      • IDE - IntelliTips - Miscellaneous

        [x] Insert () when a function is completed
        [ ] Change ".." to "->"
        [ ] Automatically insert line comment at new line
        [x] Do not auto-correct structure members (items following '.' or '->')
      • IDE - IntelliTips - Parser

        [x] Auto re-parse documents when saved
             Parse extensionless files as: [ h ]
        [ ] Do not use cache for symbols
      • IDE - IntelliTips - Quick tips

        Show tip [ 3500 ] ms
        Scan back [ 1000000 ] chars

        Complete with:
        [x] Tab
        [x] Enter
      In UES v17.00.0.25 quick tips feature really does not work as expected on a file containing only ASCII characters, but saved as UTF-8 encoded file with BOM. I don't see completely wrong words suggested by quick tips feature as V@no reported, but the suggested words are truncated randomly. The same quick tips are displayed absolutely right on same file stored as ANSI file.

      For testing the quick tips feature on UTF-8 and on ANSI file I downloaded https://www.ultraedit.com/resources/scripts/ConvertFilesToUtf8.js

      I saved this file once as ANSI file with name ConvertFilesToUtf8_ansi.js and one more time as UTF-8 encode file with BOM as ConvertFilesToUtf8_utf8.js.

      After opening just ConvertFilesToUtf8_ansi.js and typing the first 3 chars of variable names like bListCreated, sSummaryInfo, or sResultsDocTitle on a new line at line 149 the quick tip displayed was always right.

      So I closed ConvertFilesToUtf8_ansi.js and opened ConvertFilesToUtf8_utf8.js for testing quick tips on UTF-8 encode file which does not contain any non ASCII character.

      Again I typed the first characters of variables defined above on a new line at line 149 and looked on the quick tip. On most variable names the displayed quick tip was also right.

      But on variable sResultsDocTitle for some unknown reason a backslash was displayed at end of the quick tip, see attached file QuickTipsUtf8.png (not attached to this post). On pressing Tab or Enter the suggest string sResultsDocTitle\ is really inserted into the file.

      Well, there is on line 169 respectively line 170 after inserting at line 149 a new line a JavaScript string containing \"sResultsDocTitle\". But this string should be ignored for symbol parsing and so also for quick tips. And same file stored as ANSI file displays just sResultsDocTitle after inserting a new line at line 149 and typing sRes.

      Conclusion: The quick tips feature on UTF-8 encoded files still does not work completely correct in UEStudio v17.10.0.13 (release candidate 2).

      The issue could be reproduced by IDM support and was added to issue tracking system for the developers to correct.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria

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        Jul 09, 2017#3

        Thank you for the reply and forwarding it to the developers.

        The "wrong" words showing on my screenshot is something I typed previously, it's seems UES remembers previous input and use it for suggestions.

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          Apr 22, 2018#4

          Add-on to my issue report with erroneousness displayed backslash at end of sResultsDocTitle in quick tips.

          I have found out later that wrong quick tip behavior occurs also with ANSI version of the script file depending on where the caret was positioned in file, above or below the string containing \"sResultsDocTitle\".

          The issue as reported by me was fixed with UEStudio v18.00.0.04.
          Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria