Quick Tips for LogiView

Quick Tips for LogiView


    Dec 04, 2006#1

    Hallo forum,

    my name is Stephan and I'm a german UE32 - User, since 2 years.

    Till this day, I use UE32 to highlight software code, which is programmed in LogiView. For highlighting the LogiView code I configured the wordfile.txt.

    For all: LogiView is an detached special software language for program a product lifecyle managment system from Germany.

    Now, 2 years later, I saw, that UES can IntelliTips and Quick Tips. After download and install UES I read the helpfile about IntelliTips and Quick Tips. My understandig is, that there is no chance to create or edit an own IntelliTip or Quick Tip File, because there is no LogiView Parser in UES.
    Who do other users make their own IntelliTips or Quick Tips File?
    If their is no chance to make this, I don't buy the UES an I will program my own external LogiView editor, with syntax highlighting and IntelliTips or Quick Tips.

    Thanks for help


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      Dec 05, 2006#2

      The quick tips should work also for LogiView because it simply scans back from current cursor position a specified number of characters for words and suggests the words starting with the same letters as already written by you. UltraEdit has a similar feature named auto completion. But quick tips has much more configuration options than auto completion.

      Well, you can also activate additionally auto completion - see help for details. You can create an auto completion file for LogiView and specify it at Configuration - Editor - Word Wrap / Tab Settings to be used for files with the extension used by the LogiView files. Best for creating an auto complete file is to download existing files from the AutoComplete Files download area and look into or edit it to your needs. You can also find some infos in the forums with the forum search.

      For IntelliTips you can specify in the wordfile 1 regular expression search string for class members and 1 regex for variables with

      /Member String = "..."
      /Variable String = "..."

      UltraEdit does not make use of them, but UEStudio does.

      The functions are defined with the up to 6 regex function strings in the wordfile.

      Well, IntelliTips is mainly designed for programing languages.

      For more infos about how to customize IntelliTips and Quick Tips please contact IDM support by email.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria