Reduce size of toolbar icons?

Reduce size of toolbar icons?


    Feb 14, 2014#1

    Is it possible to reduce the size of the toolbar icons?

    My toolbar icons are considerably large and I would like for them to be the same size as the ribbon toolbar icons in order to display more in my window size.

    This screenshot should hopefully illustrate the difference in sizing between the top toolbar icons and the ribbon toolbar icons at the bottom.
    UE_toolbar_icons.png (143.3KiB)

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      Feb 14, 2014#2

      Take a look on Making toolbar buttons without text. I'm not using UltraEdit for Mac, but I think the text below the toolbar icons is the reason why they are so large.
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        Feb 14, 2014#3

        Thank you Mofi!

        It was a combination of selecting the following:
        • VIEW --> VIEW/LISTS --> TOOLBARS --> Small Icons
        • VIEW --> VIEW/LISTS --> TOOLBARS --> Icon Only
        Doing both of the above has significantly decreased the amount of area the icons are taking up.