Remote file gets write protected over and over again

Remote file gets write protected over and over again


    8:35 - Jan 20#1


    I use UltraEdit to open remote CSS files. After opening a file, I do a change, open the web browser and check if it works, and switch back to the file and so on.

    The file is write protected after just very few changes (and saving the file). Please see screenshot. So I need to click the gray write protected button in the lower right side to be able to continue work.

    This makes working almost impossible and is annoying.

    Is there a way to stop UltraEdit from setting the file to write protected?

    Thanks a lot.

    UE 2022.0.0.19 MAC OS
    write-protected.png (21.47KiB)
    Write protected indication in the status bar

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      11:52 - Jan 20#2

      I have no MAC and don't use UltraEdit for MAC. I cannot really help on this issue. But I suggest looking on the file attributes on remote opened file stored temporary on local disk which becomes suddenly and unexpected write protected. I cannot tell you were UltraEdit for Windows stores the file locally on downloading it from the remote server. Is the file write protected only in UltraEdit or are the file attributes of the temporary file on local disk really changed so that the file is write protected?

      UltraEdit for Windows has in the key mapping configuration dialog the command Read-only with by default no key assignment. I suggest looking in the UltraEdit for MAC preferences dialog if there is also such a command in the key mapping configuration dialog and verify that no hotkey is assigned to this command which is executed perhaps by mistake by you during an editing session by pressing the assigned hotkey of this command.

      There can be contacted the UltraEdit support by email if this unexpected and definitely not correct file handling behavior remains and no UltraEdit for MAC user replies in the next days here on this topic with a useful hint to turn that off.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


        13:05 - Jan 20#3

        I don't know where UE does store the local copy. Most software use /users/my-username/Library/Caches/[name-of-software].
        But there is no folder named UltraEdit or similar.

        I did reproduce the issue. As soon as I saw the write protected button I did check the file on the server. It still had chmod 0644.

        I doubt I accidently hit a shortcut that does lock the file or set it to read only. It happens too often.

        I figured out what causes the issue and I can reproduce it easily. I always do save by using command + s (ctrl + s on windows). If I hit this shortcut twice too quickly, then the file gets write protected. If I wait about two seconds or so the file stays RW. I guess the file gets locked because saving again before first saving is uploaded.

        I wonder if anybody can reproduce this on MAC and on Windows? Just curious.

        Anyway, the solution is: Don't save multiple times too quickly.

        Thanks for your help.