Removing multiple files from a project in UE

Removing multiple files from a project in UE


    Jul 19, 2015#1

    This post in concerning the UltraEdit Professional Text/HEX Editor, Version

    I AM NOT looking for a solution to a problem. I already know of several clever project organization methods to avoid having to do what I did below and filtering may not always solve the problem.

    This is just some feedback for the developers of a great product.

    I recently opened a project that had several groups with 40+ files in each group and 30+ files not in a group. The files added to a group was done using the right-click "Add Files to Project" option (or any other add file option). Filters were not applied to either the project or the groups (i.e. folders were not added to the project and filters applied to them). I needed to start a clean project but instead of removing every file from the project, I wanted to leave a few files in their respective group. Naturally, I shift-key selected all the files to remove and then ctrl-key selected files that should remain. I then hit delete and received a remove confirmation window for ONE specific file. I hit yes, then yes for another confirmation window to remove the next file, and the next, and the next. I realized that I would have to confirm the removal for over 30+ files per group. Out of frustration, I just deleted the groups and started over with an empty project after confirming the removal of the files not in a group. I know, by this time I should have just created a new project but I shouldn't have to.

    My feed back is for the developers to add a "yes to all" option for the removal confirmation window. If you going to allow us to select multiple items to remove, give the option to confirm the removal of all of them.

    If there is a way to remove all without confirmation (or a "yes to all" option), I would love to know what that option is.

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      Jul 20, 2015#2

      That is a good idea for an enhancement, but the user-to-user forum is the wrong place to request it, see top of this page.

      You should sent this enhancement request by email to IDM support as I have done also to increase the number of users requesting this enhancement. The more users request a feature or enhancement the higher becomes the priority for the request.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria