Request for adding features present In Visual Studio Code

Request for adding features present In Visual Studio Code


    Jan 07, 2023#1

    Does UltraEdit have a plan to add these features present in the Visual Studio Code editor?

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      Jan 07, 2023#2

      This is a user to user forum. What is planned by the UltraEdit product management for the future must be asked the UltraEdit support by email.

      A feature similar to Auto Rename Tag can be implemented by any user of UltraEdit with a script. That would be a feature which I would not use ever. I write HTML and XML files since more than 20 years in UltraEdit and UEStudio and I cannot remember that I have had to change once the name of an HTML or XML element, i.e. change the starting tag and its matching end tag, except doing it for all the tags in an XML file using a replace.

      UltraEdit has already the feature to highlight matching brackets (braces). That feature is even customizable via the syntax highlighting language wordfile and the configuration settings at Advanced - Settings or Configuration - Editor - Braces / Strings.

      The feature Colorize is already supported in a similar form by UltraEdit. UltraEdit shows below the mouse pointer a rectangle with the color of a CSS color property on hovering the mouse pointer over a CSS color property as long as the configuration setting Display color tooltips is enabled at Advanced - Settings or Configuration - Editor display - Miscellaneous. The color picker tool makes it possible for any user to insert a color by name or RGB value. The background color of a CSS property is not displayed with the color defined by the CSS property. In my opinion it makes not really sense to show the CSS property with a background color as defined by the property (and hope the background color is now not identical to text color) while the CSS property is used as text color or as color of a visual element. A color looking good as background color in CSS/HTML file might not look good in web browser on showing the page. It can be also very counter-productive to have a CSS property displayed with a dark background color on using a dark UltraEdit theme or with a light background color on text color being also a light color. The examples on referenced page look all fine because of color differences are good, but think about other color combinations on which the difference between the surrounding background color, the background color of the CSS property and the text color of the CSS property are not so good as in the example.

      File and Folder Icons is supported by UltraEdit in File explorer view on having enabled or disabled the setting Show registered file type icons in Explorer view at Advanced - Settings or Configuration - Application layout - File view. I have always disabled this setting as it results in lots of additional file system accesses like in Windows File Explorer which triggers additionally the anti-virus application if a registered icon must be loaded from the icon resource of an executable or dynamic-linked library, i.e. reduces the performance of computer just to see lots of different icons which is in my opinion also not good for the human brain as it has also more data to analyze like the computer. I use as file manager Total Commander and not Windows File Explorer and have configured Total Commander to show all folders and files with standard icons like in UltraEdit instead of the registered icons. Efficiency on working with the programs on my computer is most important for me, not a stylish look.

      Icon Fonts is a strange name for a Smart Templates feature as available in UltraEdit if I understood correct the description. Every UltraEdit user can create a snippets database (smart templates) perfectly suitable for own needs. See the topic Smart templates for HTML.

      Peacock seems to be a feature available in UltraEdit with usage of configuration setting Store separate layouts and customizations for multiple instances at Advanced - Settings or Configuration - Application layout - Advanced and usage of Manage Themes. That is also a feature which I would never use as it took me already a lot of time to customize all the colors of UltraEdit and of all used syntax highlighting languages to get a display which helps me writing efficiently text files, mainly source code files. The usage of multiple themes for each instance is in my opinion counter-productive for efficient code writing. It is a nice marketing feature as it was with 3D views, transparency, shading and fading of colors, etc. Styling features are good for selling a product to people not knowing what really matters, but are counter-productive for an efficient daily work with the product. The human brain can process faster less data than lots of data. UltraEdit is much faster with my theme being very puristic than with one of the stylish default themes as the functions in background have to calculate less data for the graphical window. The window refreshes are finished faster for that reason.

      A Regex Previewer feature is more or less already available in UltraEdit. It is possible to have a file opened with sample data and use the regular find window with an entered Perl compatible regular expression and use the Highlight all items found feature to see which strings are matched by the entered search expression in the sample data file. That is not really the same as no immediate display of matching strings on every change of the regular expression, but pressing Alt+N after every change of the expression with having option Close after find disabled to keep the Find and Replace window (floating or docked on left/right side) opened all the time does not make a big difference in my opinion. Once the Perl compatible regular expression working fine on the sample data is found, it can be copied into the source code file. It must be nevertheless tested by running the script/program because of the Perl regular expression engine of UltraEdit must not produce the same results of the Perl regular expression engine of the script/program on execution. Third-party tools like RegexBuddy can be used in UltraEdit via a user tool. I know from various forum posts that UE/UES users make use of RegexBuddy via a user tool.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


        Jan 09, 2023#3

        Thank you for the thorough reply.