Restore Project greyed out - does nothing (solved)

Restore Project greyed out - does nothing (solved)

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    Jan 31, 2016#1

    I am assuming that Restore Project/Workspace is only meant to restore an actively opened project -- if that active project gets corrupted.

    What I need is to backup a project and restore it on a different installation of UE (UES, actually).

    It seems such a feature would be nice, as a project could entail numerous files scattered all over. Grabbing each individually to dump into a ZIP file could be done, yes, but since UE already has these files noted, and the BUP file has these files already in a container, restoring them to UE as yet to be saved files on that second installation would be very convenient.

    So, on SystemA I did Project Backup. I copied over the BUP file to SystemB. I created a new project of the same name - but it has no files associated with it. I now have Restore Project enabled, but clicking on it does nothing.

      Jan 31, 2016#2

      Answer: The backup file must be in the same folder as the associated .PRJ file.

      When I was doing something with UES (I do not recall exactly what), UES automatically created C:\Users\CURR_USER\Documents\Projects and a subfolder \Backup\. I assumed any backup of any type would go here.

      I discovered this by testing Restore Project on the workstation I originally created this backup.

        Jan 31, 2016#3

        Restore Backup worked, except that the backup has a reference to the actual .PRJ file and it has an absolute path. All the others restored to the relative paths from the location of the project base folder.

        The comment supplied to the Backup Project dialog window did not appear in the Restore Project dialog window.

        The .PUI file was not rebuilt, so, while the files did get exported from the .BUP file and restored to their relative locations, they did not show up in the editor and are not part of any project.

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          Jan 31, 2016#4

          I suggest to enable Save project information for use on multiple systems at Advanced - Configuration - File Handling - Advanced to have the *.pui file (workspace file) stored in same directory as the *.prj file (project file) if the project is not shared with another developer or user.
          Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria