Run Query in PL/SQL

Run Query in PL/SQL


    May 25, 2007#1


    Cause UE32 is a great text editor I write all my SQL queries with UE32 :D

    But how do I have to configure a tool that the query is loaded in a already open PL/SQL instance? I've tried it with following:

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    "C:\Program Files\plsqldev.exe" "%f"
    With this I've every time to logon in a new PL/SQL Window.

    Joerg Braendli


      May 25, 2007#2

      AFAIK you can only launch new processes, but NOT use ("inject") existing processes (ora-sessions).
      You have to live with a new session per tool-call.

      rds Bego
      Normally using all newest english version incl. each hotfix. Win 10 64 bit


        May 25, 2007#3

        I don't know if this is helpful, but I use the free Oracle SQL Developer for SQL stuff and from within this tool I register UltraEdit as an external tool.

        So whenever I need to make some more powerful editing, I click the UE icon in SQL developer and the SQL file opens in UltraEdit.

        Whenever SQL Developer gets focus the file is reloaded, so I can test the SQL, make small corrections, test again. If I also kept the file open in UE and go back, it of course detects that the file might have changed and suggests a reload. Really a neat integration.

        Maybe plsqldev.exe can do something similar?

        (Sadly Oracle SQL Developer can't take command line arguments (yet) so integration the other way round from UE isn't possible at the moment, but then there is SQLPlus).


          May 25, 2007#4

          The way to register UE as an external tool in PL/SQL is great. This works fine for me :P

          Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend


            Jun 28, 2011#5

            I realize this thread is several years old, but thought I would post this just in case anyone else was looking...

            Run the following via the DOS command (F9):
            If you use service names:
            SqlPlus [UserName]/[Password]@[ServiceName] "@%f"

            and if not:
            SqlPlus [UserName]/[Password] "@%f"


              Jan 17, 2012#6

              From the PLSQL Developer Main Menu Choose: Tools, Configure Tools ...
              Click on *Document Icon (New Tool)

              Then Enter the following in the Detail fields below:

              Tab: General
              Description: EDIT Current File
              Type: External
              Executable/Script: "C:\Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit\Uedit32.exe"
              Parameters: #path
              Default Path: #dir

              Tab: Menu
              Main Menu: Edit
              Sub Menu: Undo
              (.) Above

              Tab: Button
              [v] Toolbar button
              Description: Edit File
              Image: Text.bmp