Scripting to SSH console

Scripting to SSH console


    Apr 05, 2021#1


    Is it possible to code scripts that writes commands into a SSH console window?


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      Apr 05, 2021#2

      No, that is not possible. There are enough tools like PuTTY and script interpreters like Python or PowerShell which support that. There is really no need to enhance a text editor for scripted execution of commands via SSH on a different device in my opinion. Well, it is of course possible to configure a user tool which runs, for example, plink.exe from PuTTY to connect to a device with SSH and execute commands on the device written into a text file. The text file with the commands could be created by an UltraEdit script or macro and the configured user tool running plink.exe could be also run from within the UltraEdit script or macro.
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