Setting for default syntax highlighting for any new file?

Setting for default syntax highlighting for any new file?


    May 26, 2022#1

    Dear UltraEdit Gurus:
    "some time ago..." i had UltraEdit set to always use a specific custom syntax highlighting choice.
    Now, i cannot make that happen; UltraEdit always uses no highlighting, no matter how many times i try to set a default somewhere.
    i want any file that i UltraEdit to appear with "X" syntax highlighting.
    how do i do dat?

      May 26, 2022#2

      This solution does not work:
      17:16 - Feb 11#2

      open Configuration and in the tree on the left select branch:
      Editor display
        Syntax highlighting

      Then choose the desired language in Highlight new file as:

      BR, Fleggy


        May 26, 2022#3

        Indeed this solution does work very well at least for me (UE x64 2022.0.0.102). Close and open editor after choosing desired highlighting ... 
        It's impossible to lead us astray for we don't care even to choose the way.

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          May 26, 2022#4

          The configuration setting is applied to new files created after selecting a language under Highlight new files as. It is not applied to new files already created before in the current or a previous editing session. The syntax highlighting language to use for such new files must be selected manually, for example with the language selector in the status bar at the bottom. Or the contents of the new file created before is selected completely with Ctrl+A and copied to clipboard with Ctrl+C, next the new file is closed with Ctrl+F4 without saving it, and finally is created again a new file with Ctrl+N into which is pasted the copied contents with Ctrl+V which is syntax highlighted now with the selected syntax highlighting language.

          It is also possible to select one of the languages in the *.uew wordfiles as syntax highlighting language to apply to any file where no other syntax highlighting language is selected automatically according to file extension or file name. See in the announcement topic Readme for the Syntax Highlighting forum the chapter: 5.4 Specifying a default language for all unknown files.
          Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria