Simple line-by-line compare

Simple line-by-line compare


    Aug 29, 2013#1


    I want to do a simple line-by-line compare of two files.

    If a line appears in the file on the left and not in the file on the right, I want to be able to simply add it. Similarly from right to left.

    At the moment I can only get UltraCompare to try and merge the lines, which causes me to loose a line when i merge, if both files have a different line at the same file position.

    Any ideas how I can achive this?

    Johan Swart

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      Aug 29, 2013#2

      I'm using UltraCompare Professional v8.50.0.1026.

      There are the small arrow keys to Merge First to Second or Merge Second to First which overwrite the not identical block on the other side as you have already found out.

      But if you look in menu Merge - Advanced Merge or right click in any of the two file panes and open submenu Advanced Merge from context menu, there are additional commands to insert a different block above or below the different lines. Those advanced merge functions are best used by hotkeys.

      But there is an even better merge mode. In menu Merge there is at top Line Mode Merge. Enable this mode and the two straight arrows in the middle between the two file panes change to 4 arrows for easy executing the advanced merge commands by mouse click you want to use.