Solutions and Workspaces ..

Solutions and Workspaces ..


    Oct 31, 2007#1

    Am i getting it right (sorry, just yet downloaded and now trying it out) ?

    A solution should substitute, what's a workspace in ms-visual-studio.
    But why is the term 'workspace' then used in the projects menu (Projects/Workspace) ?

    As i understand it a solution is used to contain prj's (like a wsp) - but it does'nt show up in the Workspace-Manager-Window (just one simple prj is displayed there) ?

    The 'solutions' menu just looks a bit immature to me - removing a prj brings up the dialog, removing actually closes the dialog then.
    Add shows an open-file-box - why is there not simply an 'Edit Solution Dialog' instead of the whole menu ? (like the Project Manager, which is basically the same ?)

    Menu - Build - Advanced Build Options -> does nothing ? (no dialog, no message)

    Where can i configure inter-project-dependencies (to build a solution) ?
    Meaning - if a file in Prj-A is not uptodate - first build A and than B (even as no file has changed) - because B depends on A ..

    !! UE-Studio is great !!
    (but at least for now i'm not understanding all of it :)

      Oct 31, 2007#2

      Bye the way .. solutions again !

      I just recognized that adding the same prj over and over again, add's it multiply into the solution !?
      Using 'remove' always removes the FIRST prj in the list - not the selected one !
      This is definitely a bug - guess 'solutions' is something to work on ..